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((noww,you may start))

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AJ was walking home with Max while Mark stayed at a friend's house.

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Kevin was laying on the park grass looking up at the sky.

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AJ made a short cut through the park, glancing quickly at a guy laying on the grass. She picked up Max and continued to walk slowly.

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Kevin sat up he was supossed to be going home and he stood up seing a girl and another person she was holding

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(( should there be like a place that all the marked ppl go to??))

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Max wanted to be put down, so AJ put him down and he started walking in frong of her.

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((o crystal, i put the pic in the group pics if u wanna check it out just telling u))

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Kevin walked on the path.

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Max picked up his pace and AJ followed behind with a smile as she watched him.

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AJ passed a guy with his hood up, glacing at him slightly.

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Kevin looked up "Drew?" he saidwondering ifd that was him

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AJ glanced back at the guy, questioning his purple eyes. But she just shook her head and faced forward again.

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"Yea ...Hey man hows it gonna " he talked low. "I mean since the change?"

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"Really The first couple weeks of my change sucked." He said and began walking in a slow pace.

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"Really The first couple weeks of my change sucked." He said and began walking in a slow pace.

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"So where are u headed to..? Ive just been everyy where i dnt really have a place and i cant go to school anymore." He said

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AJ continued on her way home, but stopped at 7/11 because Max wanted a slurpee. She got him one then started home again.

Lex and Keisha were walking down main, keeping their voices low and quiet and sticking together.

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"well im headed over to the main road theres a club there." He said

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Lex and Keisha both looked at two guys as they quickly passed them. They looked at each other and smiled as they walked away, still walking quickly.

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((( ??? when should they meet the guys?" ))

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((in a sec :) give Lex a moment lol))

Lex knew Keisha was too shy to talk to them, so she stopped walking and turned around to the guys. "Hey," she called to them and Keisha looked away quickly, trying not to be embarrassed.

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(( K lol))

Kevin smiled and looked at Drew walking towards them.

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"whats up?" Kevin smiled walking infront of them

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Keisha blushed but smiled at them.

Lex smiled. "Nothing," she said once she noticed the purple eyes. "What about you guys?"

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Jenny sat down, slumped on a park bench. What to do, what to do. she wondered.
Jenny woke up from her sleep and yawned. She stood up and walked from the park. She was BO-RED!!!!!! After the change, the only thing she found pleasure in was music. "Music!" she muttered. Quickening her pace, she stopped in front of a poster. It read, COME JOIN THE ORCHESTRA! MEET WITH YOUR INSTRUMENT AT THE AMPHITHEATER ON JULY 1 AT 1:00 PM. Jenny glanced anxiously at the clock above the poster. She knew it was the 1st but would she get there in time?? The clock read, 12:50. Allowing herself to crack a smile, Jenny headed toward the amphitheater to be join the orchestra and lose her sorrows in music.

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"Just hanging." Kevin added

((What girls for Kevin?))

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((Keisha i'm pretty sure))

Lex smiled and elbowed Keisha to say something. "Hey," she said and smiled at them. Lex chuckled at her.

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(( K))

"Hi =." Kevin said smiling at Keisha "Ur really pretty." He said then covered his mouth. He ddidnt mean to say that aloud

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Lilly walked out of her building ajusting her scarf around her neck that was covering her mark. She walked down to her park.

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Lex smiled at Keisha, who was blushing like a wild flower. "Thank you," she said.

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Lex looked at Drew and smiled. "Oh, I'm Lex," she said, realizing they still didn't know names. "This is Keisha."

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"ugh ur welcome." He said really embarassed. Then he looked at Drew. his eyes saying ' holy crap im stupid'

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Keisha was still smiling, thinking it was really nice how Kevin said that.

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"I-I'm Kevin." He said exstended his hand to her.

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"Keisha," she said, even though Lex had already said that. She shook his hand.

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"Its nice to meet you." He said grinning. "so what are u ladies out alone at night like this? " He asked
"theres dangerous ..." he tryed to think of a word " creatures out there." He said

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"Nice to meet you," Lex said and smiled at Drew.

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"Sooooo...." Kevin said

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Keisha rolled her eyes, relaxing a little. "I think we can take care of ourselves," she said with an evil smile.

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"Ohh Fiesty i like it." Kevin grinned

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Keisha giggled.

Lex mimiced her "sister's" evil grin. "There isn't a lot that can hurt us, that's for sure." She and Keisha exchanged a smile.

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Kevin looked at Drew. "okay." he smiled

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((gosh you people rp alot,i had to practice for this talent show thingy tomorrow and then i have track,two projects...ughh, im in a crappy mood :b))

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"THats funny because not alot scares us either." Kevin said

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kevin looked back at them grinning

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(( Peyton ??))

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(( i have no clue.)

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(( Do u have her as a friend?? Message her..))

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((srry i'm back :)))

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