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((start here))

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Sky and Justin walked down the sidewalk towards the local diner

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Jules sat on the roof of her dad's house. She had no privacy inside the house

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Lissa Was in the dinner sitting and drinking a milkshake.

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Justin sat at a random empty table.

Sky decided she wasn't hungry and left, walking on the sidewalk.

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Lissa looked back at justin ' WOw hes really hot' she thought. she decided to introduce herself. "hey" She said sitting next to him

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Jules climbed back into her room and then left the house

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Justin looked up, "Hey" he smiled.

Sky went to the park

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"hey.." She said "I'm lisa and i just thought i'd say hi." she smiled

(( U see her Profile ))

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He smiled, "I'm Justin"

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Seth was sitting in his attic, trying to get a home made elixir to blow up. It blew up all right, but sent him flying to the opposite wall. The boom could be heard by half the town. "Ow." He said holding his head and ears.

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"can i sit with you "she asked

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"Of course" Justin said

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She looked at him. "U have a really nice smile." She complimented

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He smiled slightly, "Thankyou, so do you"

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" So you have anyplans for tonight?" She asked

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Seth tumbled down from the attic and went to the porch. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." He kept saying. "That was dumb."

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"nope" Justin said

Sky saw someone saying ow over and over

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Seth rubbed his temples and saw soot on his fingers. He rubbed it off.

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Heather and Bryce were grocery shopping.

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Sky looked over.

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Sky saw Ashur and waved slightly.

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When he got over to her she said, "hi"

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She shrugged, "nothing really"

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"so...." she didn't know what to talk about

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Are you serious?" She smiled "I would think a fellow as andsome as you would have something to do..." She said

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Justin chuckled, "dead serious"

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"okay well.." She didnt know what to say she wasnt very good at asking people out.

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He looked at her, "would you like to hang out tonigt?"

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She smiled. Happiness grew within her. "Uh.." She said 'Should i play hard to get ?' she asked her self ' NO!" she yelled back in her head. "Yes i'd love to." SHe said smoothly

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He smiled, "great"

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"How about a movie or board walk at the beach? Theres alot of things we could do u pick. "She smiled

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"Board walk" he smiled

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"okay."She grinned getiing up. "So what school do u go to?" she asked.

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"Johanesson high" he said

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"oh i go to Springstead." She said. " Im on the Softball team ."she smiled "we beat ur school bigtime."

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(( yo))

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He smiled, "Awesome and I know... our team sucks"

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"Its okay." she smiled "U wanna take my car or yours? " She asked looking at her Blue mercedes

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"You choose"

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"urs."She smiled "So what do u want to know about me. I mean right now im a complete strager."

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He chuckled, "Just tell me about yourself....anything" he said, they walked to his car

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"I dont know wat to say." she laughed

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/he laughed

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"Im an athlete i love to party have fun. Ugh my fav colors purple and Green. My parents died when i was 9 I live with my aunt Liz....I Love neture painting and i think its really cute when u smile." She said

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He smiled

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Seth brushed off the last of the soot and went to the store, wanting to get more ingredients.

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"Yea." she sighe

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i ll make a charrie if u want??))

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