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((For those of you whom were in the last roleplay: It was a complete suck-ish failure! So i will need people to tell me who has read the book(s) and who has not. I also ask that you edit at least one aspect of your character's profile. (((Just to show a new beginning))) Thank you))

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Karina ((I have failed to read these books, though I have seen the movie if that counts.))

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Cooper | 47 comments Mod
((It Does. Really the passion of hatred between Jumpers and Palidons is conveyed through Jumper: Griffin's Story. And the Pain that Jumpers go through because of their ability is demonstrated in Reflex.))

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Karina ((Well then it seems i have more books to read over my spring break.))

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((Setting: NYC,NY))

Kyle Jumped to his safe house on Clarkson Street. It wasn't to flashy, but that wasn't what you went for in his business. He went over to his dusty Desktop and booted it up. After a short two minutes it started up. Kyle hadn't been here in nearly a year. It shouldn't have started that fast. The computer screen showed his E-mail accounts and bank accounts as it opened.
"Screw it!"
-His accounts had all been emptied. How could he have been so sloppy! Kyle felt like yelling. He shoved the chair backwards and jogged over to the Floor to ceiling painting that concealed a giant weapons safe and about a hundred thousand dollars. He knew before he opened it, emptied.
- Kyle took a deep breath. He had to calm down and think. Kyle shut his eyes. The front door was locked and it had not been when he left. The cabinet next to the fridge was open.
- He opened his eyes and walked over to it now. Kyle stopped just short of the kitchen entrance. Something else was off... The thickness of the wall just below the first cabinet hadn't been that thick before. Motion sensors. That meant, Bomb! Kyle jumped away to the building opposite.
-Nothing. He breathed out slowly. and stepped backwards. Only to feel a sharp pain in his shoulder then a clip at the side of his neck. He was in a hospital when he regained consciousness.
-His instincts had taken over, and he had jumped to a doctor in Germany. The doctor worked exclusively with Jumpers.
-6 days later-...

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Karina Leah did not know what she was doing back here. "You never go back to the same place," she muttered to herself. She walked swiftly through the crowded streets of the city, moving past the 'innocent' people, making sure not to get to close to any of them.
She was hungry and tired, more than usual. She couldn't count how many jumps she'd made in the last couple of days. Leah couldn't understand why or by whom she was being changed by. All she knew was that she had to keep on the run, keep moving. It was harder, because of her age to be able to move around alone. I just wish I could go home. she thought, allowing herself a minute of rest as she leaned against a building wall. The weight of everything overbeared her and she slid down the wall to the ground, sleep overcoming.

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Kyle walked stiffly onto the streets of Germany. He had broken the rule not to jump anywhere important to himself. So he had to walk the rest of the way out of Germany. As he walked he noticed a girl that looked exhausted, leaning against the wall. When he stopped to study her more carefully, he noticed she had a runners fear.

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((Did that make sense?))

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Karina ((yes. though it could have been "anywhere that was important to him, so he walked the rest of the way, out of Germany. Though I believe there may be a semi-colon somewhere if you want to get techincal and more commas, but it made sense.))

Leah woke, but remained still, unmoving from her spot. She could sense whatever stood near her, the feeling of being watched was inmistakeable. She could jump, but that would risk being followed if whoever it was worked for those people. Maybe he'll believe I'm some homless child and move on, she thought.

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((Wrote a ten page essay yesterday, hence the writing funk. I shall change it.))

Kyle realized she didn't look like a local. He approached her, while doing so he refreshed his memory of the native language. "Miss? Mein Name ist Kyle, möchten Sie etwas zu essen? Ich will dir nicht weh tun. Do you speak English?"

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Karina ((moi aussi! or actually it was a week earlier.))

Leah looked at him, a confused look on her face. "Pardon, monsieur. Je n'ai comprende pas. Qui est-que vous parlez?"

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Cooper | 47 comments Mod
"Mon nom est Kyle. Que faites-vous seul ici? Souhaitez-vous un peu de nourriture?" Kyle asked, cautiously stepping closer to her.

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Karina Leah got up slowly, her hands behind her back. "Je ne suis pas seul. Je dois partir. Je ne suis pas à haute voix pour parler à des inconnus" She said normally.

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Cooper | 47 comments Mod
"Vous venez de vous blesser en ne prenant pas de mon aide. S'il vous plaît accepter mon secours." Kyle was within arms length of her now.

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Karina Leah tensed up, ready to make the run for it. "Ta aide n'est pas nécessaire." She told him and ducked around him, running out into the main road.

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Kyle frowned then surveyed his settings. Three people stood out in the hundreds around him. All men. Two stood next to each other brief cases in hand, and blatantly staring at him. Another was following the girl he had just met. Not 10 meters away. The first two set down their brief case. A silver handle, the size and shape of a light saber handle, sprung out into their hands. Kyle muttered a prayer, then jumped to safety of a roof across the street. They spun, but not to him, to the girl. He reacted, before thinking things through. He jumped in front of the girl touching her shoulder and jumping her back to the previous roof.
"What did you do to piss them off? Qu'avez-vous fait pour les faire chier?"

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((That comment controlled your character sorry, tell me if you would like me to change it.))

message 19: by Karina (new)

Karina ((nope. it's totally have. I have no problem with you controlling my character, unless it's like major big. It keeps the plot interesting))

Leah saw the guy jump and she stared after him, confused by what had just happened. She didn't have time to think much though, she recognized the men around her and the saber in their hands. Before she could even jump on her own, she was on the roof with the guy. "Je ne sais pas!" she cried, falling down to the ground. "I don't know! I just want them to stop following me!"

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"Maintenant, vous parlez anglais. Fantastique, je le prends votre un cavalier, quel âge êtes-vous? That won't happen." Kyle smiled at her and Jumped to a small cave in the Grand Canyon. "Ever been to America?"

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Karina Leah nodded. "You can stop trying to speak French now," she told him, sitting up. "Um...would crossing the lake from Canada to New York count?"

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"I suppose so. Your a little more inland here. I can't put a finger on your accent, where did you grow up?" Kyle asked in his natural English accent.

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Karina Leah opened her mouth, but stopped. "That's something you say to someone you trust," she told him.

((wish i could stay. but i have to take my neighbor to the pool. *sigh* byes))

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((Darn. Sorry. Bye.))

Kyle smiled "I'm not trustworthy? Does that make you a jumper? Because if you were an ex-paladin, you wouldn't look so..." He trailed off "Tired" Kyle decided that would be the best way of wording it.

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Karina ((you should finish school and get on more! :D ))

"Jumper? Paladin?" Leah asked, confused. "I have no idea what you're talking about. You mean that thing we do? The moving from place to place by fear? Or at least I assume its by fear...and yes I am tired."

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((Schools over!!!!))

"Fear is the instinctual way of 'jumping' or teleporting. Once you calm down for a while you can control it. Basically being able to jump anywhere you have been to before, and can remember clearly. We are Jumpers, the people that hunt us are called Paladins. They hunt us, we run, they kill us. I hunt them, we fight, they die." Kyle smiled down at her. "Got a name to go along with that face?"

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Karina ((yay!!!))

Leah listened taking it in. He seemed truthfull enough, at least for now. "Leah." She told him, standing up slowly. "So that's it? That's our life. Run, fight, death?"

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"For the most part, yes. However, it has its moments. Like now for instance, is pretty brilliant if you ask me." Kyle said his face not portraying any emotions, except for his eyes. His eyes were the lit up like the sky on the Fourth of July. Kyle turned around and pointed at a huge bed, that looked very out of place in the desolate cave. "You can rest there if you'd like, nothing to worry about here. Unless your scared of heights." Kyle clicked on a fan and grabbed his computer off the in table. He sat down in the corner and booted the computer up.

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Karina Leah stayed where she was and looked around, actually noticing where she was for the first time. "You live here."

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"Here isn't relevant. I do live, and I visit here now and then. It isn't home, though." Kyle typed in his password and activated his firewalls as he logged in.

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Karina "I never said it was," Leah mumbled. "You're very...odd in the way you speak. It's like you try and find diffrent meanings to what one says."

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"I like to lounge outside of the box." Kyle chuckled. He combed through his emails checking on Paladin activity at the same time. "However, it has been a while since I have spoken to someone without an agenda. Unless you have an agenda, in which case..." Kyle sighed and trailed off feeling true emotions fight their way to the surface: stress, guilt, anguish. He took a slow and deliberate breath to calm himself. Kyle was so tired of the constant paranoia.

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((Seeing as no one, but you, stick with these role plays... I was thinking about making another character.. Just in the best interest of preserving this role play. Unless you would rather do it....?))

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Karina ((You make it sound like I have no life. just kidding. I'll do it. You're always making the characters so I guess its about time I do it.))

"I can get going if that's your subtle way of saying I should leave," Leah told him turning around.

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((LOL. If you don't have a life, then mine is long gone.... Cool. Persistent? LOL. Love that.))

"Not at all. Make yourself at home. Are you hungry, by any chance?" Kyle double checked his source information and closed his laptop. He then moved over to a bullet proof vault, and paused turning to see where Leah was.

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Karina Leah had sat down on the edge of the cave, loooking out. She turned around, smiling a little. "Starving actually."

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"Feel like anything specific?" Kyle spun the dial 43 97 22 0. The safe door clicked, and swung it open to hundreds of pictures and DVDs.

message 38: by Karina (new)

Karina "Not really. Any soild substance would be great," Leah told him, walking over to him. "What are the pictures of?"

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"Places I have been, How about some New York pizza? Do you like Pizza?" Kyle searched for the pictures of New York. "Here they are." He said wincing slightly when he saw his sisters in nearly all of them. "Maybe New York isn't the best place togo... How about, hmmm, Paris? The ancient city of romance." Kyle chuckled softly.

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Karina "Not Paris," Leah said quickly. "Anywhere but Paris. And yes, I like pizza. Canadians like pizza you know."

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"Paris is a no go then. Your a Canadian then, nice. Canadians are cool." Kyle said "I suppose Italy has great Pizza. I have never had it though." He plucked a picture of Rome off the wall.

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Karina "I've been there," Leah said, looking of at the picture. "For a minute or so. It was pretty for the moment I saw it."

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"Smell the roses, sweetie." Kyle said combining compassion and honesty in the same sentence. He closed the safe and spun the dial, only holding the picture of Rome, thereafter. "Have you ever met a particle physicist?" ((No spell check on this ancient computer. I hope I got that right.))

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Karina Leah looked at him dumbfounded. "I don't even know what that is!" she told him. "What is it?"

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"Well, they would be the people who study our 'condition'. Especially Theoretical Takion physicists. Takions theoretically have the ability to move faster than the speed of light. Which means they could move through the space and time continuum. Thus, we are the embodiment of Takions... In the opinion of some guy I met at NYU." Kyle smiled slightly. "Did that make sense?"

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Karina Leah stared at him then decided to change the subject. "When are we eating?" she asked hopefull. She couldn't remember when her last full meal that wasn't stolen from picnics or other places was. Not that she would ever tell him that of course. She should probably have to leave anyway, they always knew where she was and she didn't want to get him invovlced. "Actually I think I should go..."

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Kyle chuckled "Oh, but I thought you were enjoying my company so much. I must be a horrible host. We can go eat now if you'd like." He pretended to look hurt.

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Karina Leah cocked her head to one side then another, contimplating. "I really can't stay," she said quietly. "They'll find us both. But I'd hate to make you upset, and you haven't been a horrible host."

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Kyle frowned, stepped towards her and put his hand on her upper arm "They won't find me, as long as your here, your safe." He emphasized the word safe while looking into her eyes.

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Karina "That's just what they want us to thinks," Leah said looking down. "But safe sounds good. Tres bien," she said without thinking and looking back.

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