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Animal Atacks or animals atacked > Killer whale atack at SEA WORLD?

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What in the heck happened ?Why?She shouldn't even have been that close.She wasn't even allowed to be that close.Why?I mean I feel bad - really bad but her death was partly her fault.He's been in trouble twice before that so why get so close?

*LadyElk#30!*(KD) (nunyobiz) | 59 comments well she is a trainer and its her duty not to be afraid of her. but yeah she should have been a little more careful. but i dont think its her fault at all, i mean this animals like 1 ton,LITERALY.but i do like their outfits but its stupid because it makes them look like another killer whale.the orca probably thought itwas another whale. so im kind of a fence srtaggler here. i have no idea if i should be on the whales side or not. they both have reasons not to and to be blamed.

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Cece yes

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