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Ok so the people who have crescent markings on their necks are the one's doing the killing or dissapearing. The Evil people,I'm naming them that until I figure out a name,need to feed on human flesh once in awhile. They can still live within the society,unknown. Their eyes are the startling purple though,I forgot to add that.

When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so)

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Name: Lilliana (Lilly)
Age: 16
When they got turned: 9 days ago
Gender: Female
Backround: Ran away from home a few months back. She was found and turned.
Appearence: With purple eyes
Personify: Funny. Outgoing.
Family/ Relatives: ...
Relantionships/ Crush: Open

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Name: AJ
Age: 18
When they got turned: isn't turned yet
Gender: F
Background: lives with her mom and twin little bros. She's basically their mother because her mom is slowly letting go of her life after AJ's dad died. AJ tries to stay strong about it for the twins, but deep down she's more depressed than her mom
Apperance: http://coollonghairstyles.files.wordp...
Personailty: quiet, motherly, sweet but can and will put up a fight for someone/something she loves
Family/Relatives: 5-year-old twin little bros, Max and Mark
Relationships/Crush: **OPEN**
Other: none :)

Is it okay that she's still human?

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Can i make one and is this like the house of night?

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Yup! totally fine Peyton and yea you make a character if you join the group haha and no it isnt but i loveee the series!

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wait i have a q! what are they changed nto?

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Name: Adrianna Lucy Sanchez
Age: 17
When they got turned: Is not turned..yet.
Gender: Female
Background: Is half Spanish half Itailian,has an older brother,Devin.
Personailty: She's outspoken and independent. She's fierce and one of those people that never hesitates about things. She also doesn't believe that some monsters are what are causing all the disapperances. She's can be nice but is very hot-tempered. She's complex and doesn't really see other sides of stories or doesn't think 'outside the box'.
Family: David Sanchez-Dad that disapeared, Maria Sanchez-Mom that has also gone missing,Devin-older brother
Relationships/Crush: No onee...yett
Other: She's had nightmares almost every night scince people have gone missing. She's seen,inhuman faces and shocking purple eyes...and crescent shaped moons. But she's not telling anyone...she keeps telling herself they're just dreams..

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MRS. BELIKOV *Dimitri's Wifey* wrote: "Kevin
when turned: 2 months ago

Family: none
Crush: ??"

Can you follow the guidelines for characters up there on the first post,please and thank yaz! :b

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YouKnowWho=] wrote: "wait i have a q! what are they changed nto?"

They're changed into these demonic creatures that eat human flesh or can change humans into what they are....i dont what they're called so i call them the Evil People....i gotta think of somethin else..

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Age: 17
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so) : 2 months ago
Gender: male
Background: his parents died in a car crash

Personailty: Fun,Loving , caring
Family/Relatives: none
Relationships/Crush: none yet
Other:Plays hockey, Bisexual

age: 17

personality: Find out


Crush: Jake

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So when are we gonna start the rp??

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Yea and srry i didnt stick to the guide lines

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oh geesh, I forgot haa sorry!

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It's alright :)

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MRS. BELIKOV *Dimitri's Wifey* wrote: "Yea and srry i didnt stick to the guide lines"

its okay!

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Can they be like friends him and kevin?

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Cool :D

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Name: Devin Alex Sanchez
Age: 19
When they got turned: Around 3 weeks ago
Gender: Male
Background: Half Spanish and Half Italian. Is also Adrianna's older brother.
Personality: He use to be carefree outgoing and well liked around the town,now he's changed. He's more protective of his sister and can be quite bitter and is quiter now than what he use to be
Family: David Sanchez-Dad that disapeared, Maria Sanchez-Mom that has also gone missing,Adrianna Sanchez-younger sister
Relationshpis/Crush: No one at the moment
Other: He use to be so outgoing now he's completely closed off from the world. He knows he's changed,but he doesn't know who did it. He would kill himself and the only person that keeps him from doing that is his sister.

((I forgot to mention,cause i just thought of it,the marks on their neck,the crescent shaped cut only show when a crescent moon is out))

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Can someone make a girl for Kevin?

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I'll make two I guess :)

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thanks :)

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Name: Keisha
Age: 17
When she got turned: two weeks ago
Gender: F
Background: ran away with her best friend, hasn't seen her parents since she was 15
Personailty: funny, outgoing, optomistic, can fight for herself
Family/Relatives: considers Lex a sister
Relationships/Crush: Kevin (doesn't know it yet)
Other: none

Name: Lex
Age: 17
When she got turned: two and a half weeks ago
Gender: F
Background: abandoned by her dad at the age of two, she lived with her mom all her life until her mom died and she ranaway with Keisha until she turned
Personailty: loves to get into fights, defends herself and her "sister", very strong for a girl, tomboy
Family/Relatives: Keisha- "sister"
Relationships/Crush: Drew (but doesn't know it yet)
Other: none

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Name: Jenny
Age: 16
When they got turned: a few weeks ago
Gender: Female! :)
Background: was found in the woods, doesn't remember where she came from, was turned
Personailty: moody, loyal, tomboyish
Family/Relatives: none known
Other: is good at any instrument and singing

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Name: Sky
Age: 17
When they got turned: 9 days ago
Gender: F
Personailty: Sweet, Outgoing, Kept to herself, Quiet
Family/Relatives: Little brother and mom and dad who have dissapeared
Relationships/Crush: OPEN

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Any guys for Lilly??

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remember dont make everyone the Evil Thing (I dont want to call too tired to come up with anything haha))

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (Aleka) Name: Vincent Foret(Vince)
Age: 18
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so) 4 weeks ago
Gender: male
Background: He's from quebec and has a strong french accent, but can speak english fluently. He was changed but learned to control his hunger.
Apperance: He's tall and has a lean built, and looks more like he's made for running then fighting.
Personailty: Quiet and reserved but can be sarcastic and blunt if he gets annoyed.
Family/Relatives: His sister is Chloe
Relationships/Crush: None
Other: He has silver eyes.

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Can Lilly like him?

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Jessi Name: Lillian Harris; Lili
Age: 17
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so) Not turned
Gender: Female
Background: Lili's parents died just about 3 monthes ago. Ever since then, she's been silent and anorexic. She lives with her distant relatives.
(Has dark forrest green eyes
Personailty: Lili has always been shy and quiet, but when her parents died Lili just stopped talking all together. She hardly speaks a word to her teachers and aunt and uncle, but talks most with her cousin Travis. Lili is very sweet and very kind, once you get to know her, but won't let anyone in. Lili, unfortunetly, has bi-polar depression(genetically), anorexia bulimia, and cuts herself from time to time.
Family/Relatives: Travis(Cousin) Patti(Aunt) Dominic(Uncle)
Relationships/Crush: Please ask.
Other: Does ballet, parents died in a fire

Name: Travis Skinner
Age: 17
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so) About a week ago
Gender: Male
Background: Travis has lived in the same town all his life with his parents. Just recently did his distant cousin Lili show up.
(Sandy blonde hair, light olive skin tone, usually has green eyes, but they turned purple)
Personailty: Travis is a laid back kind of guy. He is the sweetest guy ever, and is nice to everyone. Travis is very popular too, and doesn't let it get to his head. However, Travis does have anger problems, but usually takes medication for it. Travis is very very protective of his cousin LIli.
Family/Relatives: Mom and Dad(Patti and Dominic), LIli(Cousin)
Relationships/Crush: Please ask
Other: Plays american football, soccer, and swims.

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Nathaniel (NFlores) Crystal *Mrs.TaylorLautner* wrote: "Ok so the people who have crescent markings on their necks are the one's doing the killing or dissapearing. The Evil people,I'm naming them that until I figure out a name,need to feed on human fles..."

Hey you can call them The Razors or Fleshlings.......the Violet Killers? or how about............... Dark Ones......Dark Fang? that seems nice cuz the human flesh and all

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Nathaniel (NFlores) ok im putting myself 80% in this one

Name: Jake
Age: 17
When they got turned: Human for now
Gender: Male
Background: Lives alone, has a small part time job, is half mexican,
Apperance: but normal blue glasses
Personailty: Is easily bored, lazy at times but serious when necessary, melancholic/deepthinking, sometimes a loner, talkative at times, a bit of a nuisance, sarcastc, willing to protect the innocent or those dear to him, easily amused at times
Family/Relatives: mom and dad that have jobs far away
Relationships/Crush: N/A
Other: Is good with technology, likes to read, likes most music, and is a hopeless romantic.

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syd ♡ Name: Mallorie Jensen
Age: 17
When they got Turned: 2 days ago
Gender: Female
Background: She is an Italian exchange student, she came to the town, hearing rumors of people who were disappearing, being the dare-devil she is, she freely choose to come here. Mallorie was walking to her dance class when she was attacked...
Appearance: Rich auburn hair to her shoulders (pretty much like Hayley from Paramore), used to have honey brown eyes and they are now dark violet, 5'8", very beautiful and petite
Personality: Mallorie is an extreme dare-devil, she has always had a thrill for near death experiences, she is popular and flirtatious. Mostly she ignore boys unless they are extremely hot...She loves to have fun and living life to the fullest
Family/Relatives: All in Italy
Relationship/Crush: Tavis Skinner
Other: Is a dancer (all forms, mostly ballet) and a model

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Darkling (deideidarkling) I have no idea what this is but it sounds kind cool.

Name: Ari Setnois
Age: 16
When they got turned: Not turned yet.
Gender: Female
Background: She was running from her abusive step father, tripped in the woods nd cant remember anything from before she woke up. All she can remember is her name and that she doesnt trust men.
Personailty: Sweet, skittish, distant at times, alert, cant sneak up on her
Family/Relatives: Her step father (deceased), mother (deceased), Foster Mother: Trisha.
Relationships/Crush: Kevin
Other: She was in martial arts, knows how to fence, good with a gun. She gets bad feelings about the people that have been turned and knows they're not "human". ((Deceaced))

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Emily Name: Air
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Background: She took acrobatics since she was 2, ran away at 10, and joined a traveling circus at 13
Personailty: Bubbly (For the most part) infinitely angry, sweet but makes sure she doesn't act it, totally impatient, a little bit ADHD,and OCD. Infinitely clumsy, just a little bit crazy, and she rocks and don't forget it or MWAHAHAHA!
Family/Relatives: Umm........
Relationships/Crush: Way far open
Other: She chews on her hair when she's angry, when she's bored she picks at her cuticles, and when she's lying she chews on her nails

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Emily Oh, and guys could someone please make a crush for her please

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syd ♡ and Mallorie's extra power (besides speed and heightened senses) is persuation, when she's touching you its harder to disagree, but she doesn't have 2 be touching you for her power to work

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I made a girl for jaek

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Jessi Jasmine wrote: "Name: Adrian Raimen
Age: 19
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so): A couple of weeks ago
Gender: Male
Background: Adrian ran away from his family with his best f..."

You used my polyvores(: Chace Crawford and Alexis Bledel go together, but whateves.
And I think I may drop out of this:/

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Shaughn (Shawn)
Age: 18
When they got turned: 6weeks ago
Gender: Male
Background: English Mother, Itlian Father. He ranaway and went into the woods at night alone. Somebody came up behind him and bit him. No imprint was formed.
Personailty: Calm, collective, sweet, mild tempor.
Family/Relatives: Dead
Relationships/Crush: Air
Other: Iris colored eyes, he has more control then others over his hunger. His parents were rich, he inheirted all their money.

message 44: by Emily (new)

Emily Cool! Thankooo

message 45: by Darkling (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) Noprob

message 46: by Emily (new)

Emily Good I'm glad

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SpazzyJazzy Jessi wrote: "Jasmine wrote: "Name: Adrian Raimen
Age: 19
When they got turned (opt. , keep the date bewteen a few weeks or so): A couple of weeks ago
Gender: Male
Background: Adrian ran away from his family..."

I'm considering leaving too

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Darkling (deideidarkling) I edited Shaughn's innfo alittle.

message 49: by Emily (new)

Emily Okay

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Keisha Crush

I will post everything else later.

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