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message 1: by Holly (last edited Mar 03, 2010 10:34AM) (new)

Holly (ldytinne) | 103 comments Boneshaker: 1 star
Just beginning. p.26 finished chapter 1. Has what seems to be a lead female character. Boneshaker is interesting and readable at this point and the questionable issue of this being a P.A. novel is gone.
Chapter 5 and the plot has moved a bit.
I have read just past Chapter 10, about 126 pages into the book. I am inclined to stop at this point as the plot doth move in a programmed fashion. I can see where it is headed and I am in a what ever state about it. Reading this feels like I am about to go slogging through some steam punk technology laced zombie swap where the zombie come in "scary" herds and have yellow i cor dripping from their orifices. I am not attached to the characters at all. I hope next month's read is way better and more engaging than this piece of SPunkzombie refuse. I am considering stop wasting my valuable reading time, in fact I am done. I am finished.

message 2: by Holly (new)

Holly (ldytinne) | 103 comments Sunzi Speaks: The Art of War Sunzi Speaks: The Art of War - 5 stars!
I have never read The Art of War, until now. This version seems to be getting right at the heart of the essence of what was being transferred in the original work, thousands of years ago. The illustrations are a joy to behold.

I resonated with how the work can translate to business and will be quoting the work in my business plan.

message 3: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Just a heads up . . . I will not make the meeting today. I have my first day off in 8, so I look forward to what next months choice will be.

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 26 comments Noted and you were missed.

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