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Qiad Batman (Qiadguesswho) | 6 comments Mod
Heres my review of the out siders i thingk it it the secound most out standing book i've ever read. i almost cried when i herd that johnny died. when ponyboy and darry made up it was so comfot ing to me because i thought that they would always hate eache other. i couldn't belive when johnny killed the boy bob' i know johnny got jumped and everything. but murder wasn't the best option i wold have just pulled out my blade and tryed to scare the not kill. but any way i cant belive that dallas winston killed himself just because johnny died. in this book i guess that they think deaf is the soultion but it not. this book is verey deprssion but i still liked. the up side if this book is that in the end ponyboy finally found what the term greaser really ment.

what i learnd from this book was that you shouldn't be judged by the class your in. I guess ;)

message 2: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 8 comments My review is:
The Outisders by S.E. Hinton was a very strong and compelling book about friendship and sticking tgether in life.Becaus ewe will all need eachother and soon we will all have to learn how to work together with one another.My favorite Greaser was Johnny Cade and not only because i thought he was the hottest but becaues he was honest and caring about others.

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