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message 1: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Sinclair | 10 comments How did you decide the time period and people you would write about? Have you always been fascinated with these individuals or was it that few writers covered them? I mean I know there are a lot of authors who have written about Henry VIII and he's become a popular figure to write about.

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan (boswellbaxter) | 36 comments Mod
I knew absolutely nothing about Edward II until just a few years ago, when I happened to re-read Christopher Marlowe's play about him online. Somehow, I became really interested in the history, and when I read about Eleanor de Clare I thought she would make a fascinating subject for a novel, especially since her story had never been told before. After that, I just sort of progressed forward!

message 3: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Sinclair | 10 comments Do you think many historical fiction authors are historians by trade (meaning they have a degree in it or something) or by design (they became historians when they started writing about a historical subject or person)?

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan (boswellbaxter) | 36 comments Mod
Most of the ones I've encountered aren't people with history backgrounds, but simply people who fell in love with a historical period, though of course there are exceptions like Philippa Gregory, who I believe does have a history degree. I have no background in history other than required college history classes, and that was a long time ago!

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