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Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) Fairy
Water powers
Needs Owner
Is a fairy cat

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name: tick tocky
personality:nice,self conscience,friendly, and smart
other:thinks its always late and works for the red queen but hates her. loves to jump around
looks: http://images.clipartof.com/thumbnail...
without the flower

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Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) Name: Phely
Age: 15
Type: human(ish)
Fairy's Owner
Looks: http://media.photobucket.com/image/an...

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Name: Jenny
Age: 16
Type: human!
Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/cu...?
Personality: kind, tomboyish, adventurous, curious, stubborn, friendly
other: friends with alice, kicked out of her house so is staying at alice's house(with her)

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:) AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!! :D

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 116 comments Mod
Name: Mizuki
Gender: Female
Age: More than you will ever know.
Species: Human (BUT she can cast spells- has elf blood in her.)
Appearance: http://www.tokyopop.com/ugc/5/5/0/9/3... OR http://www.metapill.co.uk/pictures/bu...
Personality: REally nice, get out of there when shes angry.
Weapon: Pure bow and arrows
Other: Jenny's BFF L8r

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Rin ♥From InuYasha♥ wrote: "Name: Mizuki
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: http://www.tokyopop.com/ugc/5/5/0/9/3... OR http://www.metapill.co.uk/pictures/bu...

:) let's be friends after we meet in wonderland k??

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Ḡℯη  (ruby-juliet) name: Alix
Gender: Female
Species: human
Appearance: short, black hair, green eyes, skinny, strong
Personality: tough, sarcastic, smart, crazy (mad as a hatter, you may say :P)
Weapon: sword, her surroundings

Name: Ransom
Appearance: tall, brown shaggy hair, tall, blue eyes, strong
Personality: tough, smart, COMPLETELY BONKERS!
other: soldier of Red Queen

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I love dragons and magic

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 12 comments Name:Kantiss
Age: 15
Personality:nice, can be very emotional, smart, sneaky, sometimes plays tricks on people for the fun of it. doesn't have any friends
Looks: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs40/300W/...
Type: Is kind of a fallen angel
She can speak words in peoples heads, and can also put inmages in peoples heads and make them see things that aren't really there.

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*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 12 comments thanx!

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 116 comments Mod
Name: Mayumi
Gender: Female
Age: More than you will EVER know.
Species: Witch
Appearance: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_ima...
Personality: Mean, has a soft spot, doesn't tell people much
Weapon: Magic, broomstick
Other: Can fly. witchy styff. Mizuki's sister.

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Appearance: http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/d...
Personality:Outgoing,loves to laugh,fight,and play around
Weapon:Bow and arrow and two daggers

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