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dan was bored he walked outside to get the mail his sister was in the shower probably hoggin all the hot water they were gonna go to the beach today.

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Juliet walked around her new neighborhood. It was weird being in a small town after living in the city for her whole life. She tried staying out of the house most of the time. It was awkward staying with her dad and his family. She barely knew them

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Dan sat on the curb looking around.

Lisa got out the shower got dressed in a little pink sunfress with her bathing suit underneath it.she ran out side Not doing her hair or make up she decided she'd do it later. B4 they left.

Dan turned around an lisa sat with him.

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Juliet saw a brother and sister. They looked like they might be close. She instantly envied that relationship

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Dan smiled laughing at lisa's little joke she made as she got up she went to eatt.

Dan was ready to go in when he saw a girl. He waved to her."Hey there."

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Juliet waved and walked over

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I looked out the window to see a girl walking up to my brother. He was always a ladies man but never had a lot of girlfriends.

"Hey I'm Daniel but everyone calls me Dan." he smiled Greeting her.

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"I'm Juliet." she said, "But a lot of people call me Julia and my family calls me Jules."

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"Its nice to meet you...ugh are you new to the neighborhood?"

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Jules nodded, "Yeah I just moved in with the Robins." she said. Maybe they didn't tell anyone that the daughter has come back. she thought

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"Oh yea they told me that ...I was talking to Jeff." He ssaid reffering to her Dad. "and he told me omthing about his daughter and that must be you!!" He smiled " Well ..Listen my sister Lisa and i are going to the beach.So..I gotta go but hey come.."

I cut Dan off "Come inside If u want. It'd be nice for you to join us." lisa said

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"Sure." Jules said, "Sounds great." She smiled a little

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Lisa guided her in the house and Dan smiled

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"So how far is the beach?" Jules asked

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"Only about 15 minutes." Lissa said

"Im going to get in the shower so Lissy could you get your make up out please and whatever else you need?" He asked.

"Yea sure" She said quickly running to get it and then came back. "the bathrooms all yours."

He walked in

"So u needa bathing suit ?" Lissa asked.

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Jules shook her head, "Have one in my bag all the time." she said

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"Okay thats good btw im Lisa I'm 15 but alot of people say i look older."She said

Dan got out of the shower putting on his swim trunks and packed a changing bag.

He walked into the room with both girls shirtless although Lisa was used to it.

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"Julia." Juliet said to Lisa. She hadn't seen Dan come in

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"how old are..DAN GET OUT!! We have a guest put a shirt on!" Lissa yelled.

Dan just laughed and sat on the bed.

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Julia rolled her eyes at him and smiled a little, "It's fine." she said, "I'm used to guys walking around without shirts on. It's custom at home." Her smile faded when she said home.

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"Really..Well i think we should hurry im supossed to go surfing with my friends remember LIs!"

Lisa Roled her eyes and did her make up.

"well is there anything u need before we leave?

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Julia looked at Dan, "You surf?" she asked

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"Yes." He smiled now standing up. "why?"

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"Cause I'm totally gonna kick your ass on the waves." Julia said with a smile

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"Oh well we'll seee about that."Dan smiled back as they walked down stairs " Well ima be tanning." Lisa said. dan smiled."ur already the most beautiful sister ever." Dan added "Ah jules u needa get changed dontcha. and we will be eating out. I'll pay. " he said" So just bring an extra change of clothes."

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Jules nodded, "I'll meet you two at the beach." she said, "I have to back to my dad's to get my board."

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"Okay "they said in unison.

((u read what i wrote on the charrie page?))

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Jules smiled at them and left. Her dad's house was just around the corner

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Julia got to the house and went up to her room to get a change of clothes and her surfboard. She changed into her bikini and threw on a pair of shorts. She had her shirt in her bag

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((Omg sorry didnt see ur post))

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Dan and Lisa were at the the beach Dan was surfing and and Lissa was tanning

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((it's kk))

Julia got to the beach a couple minutes later. She found Lisa and went to put her stuff down. "Hey." she said

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"Hey."Lissa smiled sitting up . "dans in the water over there." She pointed

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Jules looked over. "He's good." she said, "But not amazing." She dropped her bag and her shorts. "See you later." she called over her shoulder as she walked with her board to the water

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Lisa layed back tanning again.

Dan rode the biggest wave and came out smooth Seein Jules he paddled to her

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Jules met him halfway, "Nice." she said

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"thank you.and u look very beautiful in ur suit." he complimented

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Jules blushed slightly, "Thanks." she said

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((i g2g in a lil bit))

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(( awww okay))

"You welcome." he smiled. "So u ready to catch some waves?" he asked

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((but still have time woo!))

"Of course." Jules said with a smiled

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(( Lol Yay! :D))

Dan layed on his board and paddled outCatching the fisrt and best ave. He rode it smoothly "WooHOOOOO!!" He yelled .

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Jules paddled out after him catching the next wave. It wasn't as big as his was. She rode it out smoothly

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"VERY GOD!! Ur better than i thought!" He yelled as she came to the end "Wow!" he high fived her

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Jules smiled, "What did you think I was bad because I am a girl?" she asked

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"No of...COurse not ." he said smileingh looking away.

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"You did, didn't you." Jules accused, "Well I'm glad I know you're sexist." She teased

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((i may not have to go soon! yay))

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I am not!"He said

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