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Tara (goodreadscomtara_lynn_masih) | 11 comments From "Ghost Dance":

He didn't know them right away; it was a year before he began to even sense they were there—a cold draught, a murmur, a sharp change in the air like nuggets being dropped on metal scales.
And after two years on the southern Montana prairie, along the snaking Southern River with banks overwhelmed with discarded rocks, signs of earlier plunder, a river that still yielded gold dust, Brandy knew for sure he wasn't alone. The draughts became visions, the murmurs became voices, and the changes in the air now carried sound.
You could say the sole caretaker of the restored mining town along this river was now haunted. But during the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Saturday, June to September, he was surrounded by the living—like Prissy, who ran the front desk, selling tickets to tourists passing by on Highway 1. Ageless, with a gray-white bristly mustache, a biker boyfriend, and a sweet, chirping voice, she reminded him of the frontierswomen who had settled Montana—she'd look just right in a bonnet and long dress, swinging an axe to cut wood for the cook stove.
Prissy mothered him, checked up on him during the long winter months. She'd snowshoe over high drifts, bearing a stew or a goose thawed and roasted from the fall hunt. "Hellooo," her voice would ring out, breaking winter's silence. "Glad you're still alive. Here's some dinner. Should last you a week." He'd take the enamel kettle from her mittened hands and ask her in, desperate for company. Her food wasn't fancy, just good and hardy. (c) Tara L. Masih, 2010

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Sridhar Babu (dglsridhar) what words Tara..what words!!! I understand God has given you a birth in this world for reading and making others to read...oh..I can't help...I feel like crying!!!Tell me Tara did youdo this job on regular basis,or every fortnight...pls tell I am waiting..

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Tara (goodreadscomtara_lynn_masih) | 11 comments It took me many years to put this collection together. Thanks for your comment!

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