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Eric | 62 comments originally posted by Tamara:

"Okay...kind of a comic book movie in that comic books were made off this property...Speed Racer is awesome. Ignore the critics, it's just plain fun. If you've seen the cartoon you'll know what to expect with the movie--over-the-top car battles galore. The movie captured the spirit of the cartoon perfectly imo."

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Eric | 62 comments i am hearing mixed reviews, somewhat harsh from critics, but high marks with personal references. like you (Tamara), my brother told how it was just a "fun" sort of movie to watch and that it made him feel like a again.

still being a kid (relatively), i think i wont have any problems with it, although i am unfortunately not that familiar with the orignial speed racer cartoon (before my time), but am a huge fan of cartoons in general.

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Eric | 62 comments finally got around to watching speed racer movie and i actually did like it. hard to describe other than a a very fun/entertaining movie. the car action was great (and definitely some nods to f-zero game franchise). the only "bad" things against the movie are the overly childish brother scenes. however not enough of detrement to ruin the movie.

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Yeah I agree. I watched Speed Racer and felt the exact same. Its an awesome film and I thought the Wachowski Brothers did an astounding portraying it.

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