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Procedural Question

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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Sometimes I will edit my reviews, usually in the day or two following initial posting (grammar, punctuation, clarification, what have you). Does each time I edit appear as an update in feeds? I edited and reedited the review I posted for The Family and realized that I'd left the Add to my Update Feed box checked each time- I never really noticed it until last night. Huge apologies if my editing became a giant SPAM sandwich in your update feed. :O

Jeanette (Ms. Feisty) | 66 comments Julie, I often edit my reviews as well, and sometimes they show up on the "live feed" even when I un-select the "add to my update feed" box. I don't know how to prevent it, so I'm not bothered when it happens with other people's reviews. There is a spelling error in my review of Fuller's book, and I'm getting ready to fix it because I hate typos. So it will probably bump up to the top again.
If you want to see if something has come up on the live feed, you can look at your own profile and see if it's there on your page.

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie AHA! Thanks, Jeanette- it looks like the only time the review appears in feed is when I (or the reviewer) changes a status (i.e. currently reading to read) or when comments are added. (?) I don't believe I've ever seen another reviewer's additional edits pop up in my feed, but when I noticed the "add to update feed" box, I suddenly wondered, with horror, if I was the only one who left that checked.

Just curious how things look on the other side. :)

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