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Pamela | 180 comments Mod
This thread is to talk about UFOs, bigfoot, monsters, Mothman, Jersey Devil, vampires, werewolves, and more. Tell us your favorite.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary (madamefifi) My husband, who is a very rational man, thinks he saw a UFO a few weeks ago in Prince George county as he was driving home from Franklin one afternoon. It was a glittery, silver, funnel-shaped object (he drew me a picture) that descended straight toward the tree-tops before suddenly winking out. I thought it might have been a military aircraft of some kind and he said he would agree except that it was absolutely silent. He was quite freaked out about it! He says he thinks the person in the car in front of him (they were the only 2 cars on the road) saw it, too, because they hit their brakes. We looked online for any local news blurbs about it but...nothing.

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Pamela | 180 comments Mod
Very cool.

I saw an UFO, during the daytime, from the backyard of my parents' home in the 60s. I was in third grade, but my mother also saw it, as we were sitting on the back steps at the time. The craft was low enough to show it was very big, made an odd sound and was in red and silvery-gray colors. Ir made an obvious impression on me to this day as I remember it so well. It didn't go fast either, as if they weren't worried people might see them.

message 4: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn (CarolynDee) | 18 comments I recommend _There's Somthing in the Woods_ by Nick Redfern, cryptozologist. His theories is that there are "paranormal creatures" out there, including Bigfoot. Nick is not only very intelligent and articulate, but also a great guy.

I personally think Sasquatch is a flesh-and-blood animal. I have met Native Americans who have seen them. A great book that presents scientific evididence is _Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science_ by Dr. Jeff Meldrum.

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Pamela | 180 comments Mod
In my book, Haunted Virginia, I did a whole chapter on Bigfoot. I even interviewed a sasquatch hunter. There's a few websites about this creature. Some I posted in that chapter.

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Alfred Eyrie | 4 comments I've been contemplating a sequel to my haunted house book that explores some of the other odd things I encountered growing up. We lived in an area known for its witchcraft, and we experienced a lot of strange stuff we thought at the time was "demonology", but I've recently been revisiting one of my closest encounters as a possible altercation with a Sasquatch.

As a teenager, my buddies and I would go out into the forest beyond town and camp in the hills. One night, just before a full moon, we paused on a ridge overlooking a meadow with strange, circular impressions in the tall grass that looked to be large elk beds. To one side of the meadow was a deep section of forest that rose up to the edge of the ridge where we were standing. We were spread out, milling about, when suddenly a heavy pair of footsteps came pounding through the woods toward one of our friends who had gotten too far from the rest of the group. It was definitely a biped, two heavy steps thundering up the slope and pushing the brush aside. I reached for my machete, but I was too far away. The friend who was nearest reached for his own weapon, a long, steel sword, and as it sang from its sheath the footsteps came to a sudden halt. My friend waved the blade in the moonlight, and suddenly the woods were completely silent.

That was only the beginning. In order to get out of there, we had to cross that meadow at the base of the hill. As we started across, the footsteps returned. This time they came tromping into the meadow toward us. All of us brandished what weapons we could, thinking we were facing a maniac druggie from town or maybe a cougar or bear. But when the creature drew near, we could see the grass parting where it was pushing it aside with its girth…but we could not see what was doing it. You know that scene in Predator where the jungle bushes get pushed aside by something that is invisible. That’s what it looked like. Thank goodness it was afraid of our weapons. We made our way to the end of the meadow with weapons in hand, the grass and bushes shuddering right beside us as we went. When we left the clearing, though, the thing did not follow.

For many years, we called that place “Demon Pass”, assuming that the thing we encountered was supernatural—perhaps the results of some of the witchcraft we sometimes came across in our adventures. Recently, though, I have to revisit the Bigfoot theory because of some of the other sighting testimonies I’ve read or heard. Some say that Sasquatch sleeps in big grassy beds like the ones we found, and the bipedal footsteps were undeniable. What really makes me wonder, though, is the reaction to that blade singing out from its sheath. That image is burned into my mind, a steel sword shimmering in the moonlight and sending the darkness, the evil, fleeing. But what if the reaction to that blade was a mortal creature who was intelligent enough to know the dangers of long, cold steel?

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