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Kim | 350 comments Mod
Use this thread to analyze the characters

message 2: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
Ok this is a spoiler or giving away of one of the main themes from the novel, which is the constant conflict between good and evil. What of the characters (if any) do you think were the purest form of good and on the other end of the spectrum what characters were the purest form of evil? What characters do you think changed the most through the course of the novel and what actions or what events made them change?

Also as a follow up question, who is your favorite character and why?

message 3: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
Simon is definitely the purest form of good. Love him. He tries to get along with everyone no matter what.

Purest form of evil would have to be Roger. HELLO! He killed Piggy. Bastard. (Love my piggy pigs!)

I'm torn between Ralph and Jack as the characters that change the most. I think Ralph for the changes that occur by the end of the novel where he is crying over the knowledge that he's acquired while being on the island. I think had the novel continued with their return to the "real world" that we would see a very different Ralph. I think Jack because he just gets more and more barbaric as the novel progresses. I don't see how he'll ever assimilate back to a normal society off the island. He's so power hungry and blood thirsty.

The events that cause these changes are obviously the fact that they're totally free to do whatever they want without consequence. There are no rules, no governing body to punish those who do wrong. There is no society to say what is right or wrong. It's just a jungle of freedom.

message 4: by Todd (new)

Todd | 89 comments I'd have to agree that Simon is the purest form of good in the book. At first I thought just was innocent and slightly naive, but the book progressed I felt that he was pretty much the most introspective and "big picture" thinker in the group. As far as evil goes, it's pretty much split between Roger and Jack. I think Jack's slow decent into being a "savage" helped to create a tipping point at which Roger could be comfortable being purely evil with no chance of reconciliation. I believe that he always had these traits; he just couldn't express them in the environment when Ralph was "chief". Once Jack took over the elements of tension and fear helped him express his true intentions.

As far as change goes, I'd have to pick Piggy. Jack's change is pretty much all in regards to authority and power, and he becomes consumed with his quest to lead and be seen as a leader through fear. Piggy, however, transforms and blooms into a character that he could only dream of before. We know that he always was the smartest and most reasonable, yet the Piggy at the beginning of the book would only think thoughts to himself where at the end he was shouting them to the others and triumphant in his convictions. In fact I think he represents the "coming of age" motif that a lot of people link to this book.

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Kim | 350 comments Mod
Yeah Piggy Pigs!

message 6: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
I also think besides Simon, Piggy was the closest thing to good. He didnt seem to let power corrupt him and kept true to his core beliefs, and I think changed for the good. So a big holla to my man piggy

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