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message 1: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
This thread is to discuss whether we liked or disliked the book and our reasons why.

message 2: by Adam, The Baggage Handler (new)

Adam | 183 comments Mod
Alrighty girls and guys; I am the discussion leader for this particular book and I think I am gonna run it the way I run my classroom, only my opinion matters. (haha i kid i kid). but one thing i want to ask as a question is, first off we are here to discuss whether or not we liked it. But another thing i want to pose as a follow up question is, since this is a popular book for many high school students to read, and if you did read it in high school, has your perception of the book or whether or not you liked it changed? I know in high school, we were mandated to read and analyze the shit out of it, but now that you just read it for fun (hopefully) did anything of the novel, or did anything different happen when you read it?

message 3: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
I really struggled trying to get through this book in high school. It was just another book being force fed to me. When I got towards the end of the book I was like ok this isn't so bad, it picked up. Upon reading it a second time I found I loved it much more. I don't know if it was the memory of the class discussions we had on it, or just recognizing the symbolism and metaphors more but I definitely found it much more enjoyable. I do have to say - Piggy's death still made me sad. Adam and I discussed that earlier today at how his death was still saddening. Even though I knew it was coming - it's just sad. He's a greatttt character. I hope we are able to analyze him, as there is a lot to him.

message 4: by Todd (new)

Todd | 89 comments I'll be honest, in high school I hated this book. It's probably because I associated it with high school reading (which equals not caring really) and the fact that I didn't read into it. Now that I've read it a second time, I really got into the symbolism and themes of the book. I think that it has a lot of symbolic power, as it is pretty vague when concerning time and references to the "outside" world. In fact the only technology that's mentioned is the ejected pilot and the machinery on the ship that comes to rescue them. So, it can pretty much apply to anything. I like how the author spread different traits amongst the characters without much overlap. I could see a bit of myself in Ralph and Piggy and Simon and the twins. All in all I think it's an important read for high school because of all the parallels to "coming of age" themes and realizing that the world isn't some big happy family that accepts you with open arms after you're done with school, haha. So, the moral of the story is that I disliked it in high school and now I like it.

message 5: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
I totally agree with Todd in saying I mostly disliked this book because I was forced to read it in high school. I'm finding that now that I'm older and enjoy reading more that I'm going back to all the books I hated reading in high school and finding that I actually enjoy them! And Todd good point with pointing out that the book is vague concerning time. It's relevant to all times and places because of this. Even thought we've all had our "coming to age" the book still brings up a ton of great points - mostly relating to good and evil. It's a battle we face our whole lives, no matter what age.

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