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Jen  | 1576 comments Mod
Borgin and Burkes is a shop located at 13B[1:], Knockturn Alley. It sells objects of dark magic and other dangerous magical artifacts, including the Hand of Glory, an assortment of human bones, a hangman's rope, a cursed necklace, and an array of leering masks that line the walls.

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Jessica | 881 comments DARK MAGIC!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!! *runs away*

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Laura i like it here

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Jessica | 881 comments :P

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Laura ^-^

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i like it here 2

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Laura mawhaha

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Clarissa thats because you guys are weird

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Laura then ur weird too

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Clarissa yup

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Laura :D haha

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Clarissa :D

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Laura :)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Got any:
owlett wing
eye of newt
tounge of dog?
I used my last for a arithamcy spell yesterday.

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