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theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
After Jo rejects Laurie he picks up with Amy. Is this surprising?

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theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
What is wrong with Marmee? That's right, discourage your daughter. "He's totally wrong for you Jo."

message 3: by Grace (new)

Grace (graycie) To answer your first question, I have to say no it was not surprising for him to marry Amy. Laurie wanted very much to be a part of the March family. Jo wouldn't marry him, so Amy was his next option. Amy was sweet and I'm sure he did end up falling in love with her.
When I was younger, I wanted very much for him and Jo to be together and I was upset that they didn't. But now I see that Laurie and Amy are better suited for each other. Amy is the pretty and proper trophy wife that he could introduce into high society.
Jo needed someone to challenge her and encourage her with her writing and the Professor filled that role. I just can't see Laurie being as encouranging. He probably wanted his wife waiting for him when he came home everyday. If he and Jo had gotten married, I could see them getting into many arguments.

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