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Is Ali your husband? You thank him in your acknowledgments.

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message 1: by Loretta (last edited Mar 02, 2010 12:30AM) (new)

Loretta Siegel (loretta_siegel) | 9 comments It seems like you had a wonderful team to support you along the way. How fortunate you were!!!!!

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Nafisa Haji | 22 comments Mod
Yup, Ali's my guy. And yes, yes, yes....very fortunate, all along the way. The original plan/schedule for me writing was that I would work on a novel after starting a family--what a newbie mistake, eh! Thinking that having a baby in the house would actually allow for enough time in between to just whip out a book. So, six years of me not working later, I decided it was time to go and help earn our living and return to the classroom (which I also love, by the way!) But, the itch to write wasn't gone and Ali is the one who talked me into not going back to teach when I'd been back at work full time for a year. That school year hadn't ended and we had a book deal, so the stars seemed to agree with him.

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Loretta Siegel (loretta_siegel) | 9 comments Does Sari get together with Mohsin at the end ? I am an incurable romantic.

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Nafisa Haji | 22 comments Mod
I think you mean Shuja. Ah--the what comes after question! I'm not trying to be a tease, but the truth is, I really don't know. What I love about your question is that I have come to see a generational gap in how readers feel the answer to it should be. In my own family, younger women tend to go "Ew, no way!" and older women tend to want them to end up together. I guess I'm somewhere in between....

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Loretta Siegel (loretta_siegel) | 9 comments Your descriptions of your meeting with the visiting journalist were very realistic. He sounded very pompous, like he belonged at UC Berkeley. Have you met people like him? I have. They are not easy to deal with. Saira handled him beautifully,

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Nafisa Haji | 22 comments Mod
Met people like that? I think I've come close to being like that on many occasions....holding forth and lecturing is what I'm known for in my family, since I was young. I've been gradually working myself out of the habit, trying to live a little less in the mind, where self-righteousness abounds, and more in the now where wonder and curiosity are what it's all about. And you're absolutely right--not at all easy to deal with, are we?

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