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message 1: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) What was your favorite book, part, character, etc.?

message 2: by Lissy (new)

Lissy My favorite book is the Titan's curse!!

message 3: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) Interesting. I thought that Percy and Annabeth were going to have a huge make-up scene where they said a few classic lines and such.

My favorite book was the Last Olympian!

message 4: by Lissy (new)

Lissy I loved the awesome battle in the Last Olympian especially...........The only thing that made that book not my favorite was the disappointing ending. I mean I was expecting this huge awesome battle between Percy and Kronos or between the gods and Kronos. It kind of disappointed me.........ok really disappointed me......

message 5: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) Really? I thought the ending was so cute! How he and Annabeth are dumped into the water and he creates an air bubble just for her so that they can keep on kissing is just magical! I love the ending!

message 6: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) I absolutely HATE (with a passion) Rachel and Calypso! What do you guys think of them?

message 7: by Lissy (new)

Lissy I actually didn't mind Calypso(I almost wish Percy had ended up with her), but I really hated Rachel! I didn't really like Annabeth, just like I told you, so the ending was a double whammy for me. Though I predicted from the very first book that they would end up together. I hate admitting it but the whole series was pretty predictable and not written the best. I mean I guessed pretty much everything that happened except for the ending. However, I loved the plot so much that I couldn't stop reading them!! I had to wait a week for the 4th book and I just about went insane!!

message 8: by Steph (last edited Mar 07, 2010 04:12PM) (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) I bet! They are such good books though! They pull you in! Ugh. Calypso is a freaking creep! She would like stroke Percy and then would say, "Oh, sorry. I've just grown so used to taking care of you." I mean really? Do you honestly think that is not stalker material? She is a creepy immortal girl who is trapped on an island and lures guys into staying with her. Really? You LIKE her?

message 9: by Lissy (new)

Lissy She doesn't lure guys into staying with her. And you have to understand her past. She got stuck on an island because she was supporting the side of her father, just like Percy. In many ways she's no different than Annabeth (bleh!!) Besides that she fell in love with Percy and sometimes people do incredibly creepy, stupid, strange, ect. things when they're in love. I like her because she's not sassy, big headed, bipolar, rude or any other badly combined traits.

message 10: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) Well she is just a huge creep! Annabeth is only a halfblood, and you have to respect that! Calypso gets to stay in a beautiful garden though! Like really, she is a creep and deserves to stay alone for the rest of eternity!

message 11: by Lissy (new)

Lissy whatever!! You obviously don't understand what I'm trying to tell you!!! I'm sorry but respecting Annabeth is the only thing I can do with her. She's vital to the story and thats the only thing I will EVER acknowledge good naturedly about her. But I will say that being vital to a story isn't always the best thing. People can realize what they are really like and decide if they like their personality or not. In this case I really hate Annabeth and you love her. I like Calypso and you don't. Lets just leave it this way because we aren't going to sway each other on these points no matter what we tell each other. We both are different people making our perceptions and thoughts different as well. So lets just stop making each other mad by telling each other our personal views about certain characters!!!! GEEZ! Sorry just really needed to get that out! I mean we're cousins and this is a stupid argument.............

message 12: by James (new)

James | 1 comments I'm still reading the book but its awesome:from James Tootell

message 13: by Steph (new)

Steph  (poseidonsdaughter) Hi James! Okay Liz. You have my permission to try and persuade me why you like Calypso. I will try to see it your way. I just do not understand!

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