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Rulez **Please Read!**

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Okay so here are the rulez and if you have any complaints or comments on them tell me and if you have any rulez to add tell me and if I think they're reasonable I will add them....

Rule Number One: Don't Be Rude To The Moderators

Rule Number Two: Don't Be Rude To Other Group Members

Rule Number Three: Don't Roleplay Anybody's Characters Unless They Say So And If They Do I Need Proof They Have Said So

Rule Number Four: No Killing Other Group Members Characters Unless They Say So

Okay so those are the rules and here are the okayz

You Are Allowed To Swear,Kiss/MakeOut/More,And Characters Being Evil but tell me first if they are

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Nice, lol.

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I can live with this lol

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No Hecate?

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Who's That

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The goddess with 3 face, also in Norse myth I guess or celtic, her name can be spelled Hekate, I prefer Hekate for myself

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Also, In greek

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

dark magic

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Oh strange but I will put her

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I'm serious, later she works for Kronos

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I added her

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I did!)

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