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Marlaina stephan | 7 comments wait huh>>>>>>/??????????

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The conch horn blew and Charlotte walked over to where they met when the horn blew and she got up on the big stone and yelled out "Capture The Flag!" And everybody came and gathered around. Charlotte smiled "Okay so now everyone the blue team is on the left side and the red team is on the right" She said "The Blue team will have the children of Hades,Aphrodite,Hera,Ares,Poseidon,and Hestia and on the Red team will have the children of Artemis,Athena,Demeter,Dionysus,Hephaestus,Hermes,and Zeus! Now go to your sides!" She yelled out and jumped down from the big stone and went onto the right side with the Red team

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Madeline walked over to the red side, even though she wasn't a child of Hermes. Nemesis was never recognized.

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"Oh and Nemesis! On the red team" She yelled out

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Madeline rolled her eyes. Finally, someone recognized a minor goddess.

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Charlotte took out her sword "Okay now The children of Zeus which is me" She smiled "And the children of Nemesis and Demeter on defense and the rest offense now get to your positions!"

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Maddie walked over to her position and loaded her bow.

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Charlotte twirled her sword and held it getting into her position

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Madeline climbed up a low tree so she could hit someone better.

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Charlotte hid in the bushes behind the flag

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Melenie watched as Charlotte hid the flag, then looked over to the other side where she saw the blue flag sticking out from Zeus's fist.

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Charlotte heard the horn blow and she got ready for an attack

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Madeline leaned down to one of the Hermes kids and told him where the flag was so he could go tell Charlotte.

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Charlotte saw one of Hermes sons coming over to her and she listened to what he had to say and she told him to go tell the son or daughter of Athena

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy sat near everyone trying to be invisible.

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Sandra Ally walked over and hid in the bushes she was near a little stream right when she was about lean down and drink some water, she saw the flag she raced over and saw nobody she chared to grab it

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Rose obediently went over to the blue side, gearing up in her sheilds and grabbing weapons, slinging her dark hair up into a ponytail.

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy sat under a tree and relaxed hoping she wouldnt have to fight anyone.

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Sandra Ally was about to grab the flag but then she herd someone coming so she pulled out her sword and stepped back

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Charlotte waited for someone to try and grab the flag

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Rose took off, running and jumping over logs, avoiding attacks and giving harsh blows with her sword in one hand and dagger in the other. Bright red spotted her vision after a few more minutes of running and fighting, "Ally!" Rose yelled.

((Wait, who is she a daughter of?))

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments "Oh no a fight," She whispered.

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"Hello, child of Athena" Crash said, unsheathing his sword, looking at Ally.

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy began to crawl on the ground hoping to avoid it.

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((Nevermind. I know now. Lol))

"Better back off." Rose hissed, her eyes fierce as she came up beside Ally. "Two Daughter of Athena's...don't really wanna mess with us, now do you?"

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Sandra Ally Swong her sword slashing his shoulder

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"I'm son of Ares, so yes." He said, smiling.

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Rose let Ally take care of Crash as she darted for the flag.

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Calvin ran up beside Crash "Hello daughter of Athena you remember me right? The son of Aphrodite" He smikred taking out his bow and arrow

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Crash slashed back, cutting her waist. He clashed swords with her, ignoring his wound.

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Madeline saw Ally and Crash, so she jumped out of her tree.
"And daughters of Nemesis are not to be messed with, we have to PMS and the revenge on our side," she said with a smile. When Ally was cut, Madeline said, "Maiming's not allowed," and hit him with an arrow near the eye, to mess with his vision but not blind him.

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy heard the boy say he was son of Ares. "A brother?" she whispered.

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Rose rolled her eyes at Calvin, "Right. How could I forget you?" she smirked back, raising her sword and slashing out at him, then kicked him in the shin.
"I'm not one to mess with, pretty boy." She smiled

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Clavin slashed Ally on her arm and her cheek

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy hid behind a tree and waited for the fights to be over.

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Calvin cringed and slashed Rose's ankle's and her wrist "It's Mr.Pretty boy"

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"Nice...!" Crash commented on Calvin, slashing at Rose and dodging, doing a double kick at Ally's face.

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Sandra Ally Slashed Calvin Down his legs then clashed swords with him "You Might not wanna mess with me." She said Slapping with the back of her sword swinging it hitting him knocking him to the ground

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments "Oh my," she said.

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Crsh saw a chance and kicked Ally in the back, knocking her on top of Calvin.

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Calvin fell to the ground and took out an arrow and shot it at her leg and it hit her in the leg

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Sandra Ally Smashed Calvin in the face jumping up ignoring her injuries

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 50 comments Andy closed her eyes, memories flowing back.

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Calvin cringed again "Crash what are you doing?!" He said and pushed Ally off of him

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Sandra Ally Jumped up and stomped on his leg slashing his thigh

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Calvin got back up he knew where the flag was and he ran over the territory line into the Red Teams territory

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((Sorry had to shower. what happened?))

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Sandra Ally Ran up in front of him and clashed her sword with his kicking his shin

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((Calvin is running through Red Teams territory to the flag))

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