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Witch Wars....Chapter 7

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Where the hell am I?

My felt like it was just full of cotton. I kept shaking my head trying to wake myself up. But even that was just too much effort. It felt like friggin workout just to lift my eyelids partially open. Everything was haze to me just then. I could barely remember what happened.

My arms above my head chained to a wall. Its so cold in here there is no way I can summon any fire whatsoever.

This cold is completely draining me. I have never felt so helpless. My eyelids are getting so heavy. I just want to sleep. No. I can't sleep I have to think of some way out of this.

But what? It is so dark in here. I have to focus on something.

I look over to my right. Is someone else chained in here with me? I can't focus on what or who it could be. I can barely see or even breathe. I have

I began having the same dream I always had as a young witchling. Whenever I was feeling alone or afraid, or just plain pissed off about something or at someone. My guardian angel, or so I always thought of him, a gorgeous pale man with slick black hair, mesmerizing dark chocolate brown eyes, high cheeks bones, the softest most delicate features, yet utterly masculine all in the same. It was never one of those romantic dreams, but more like a comfort dream. He was always there when I felt I had no one else to turn to. Sometimes we wouldn't even talk, we would just be in a park and he would push on a swing. Or just hold me on his lap and sing to me with a soothing - almost hypnotic-like - voice, while playing in my hair.

But it had been years since I had had those dreams.

In this dream I was wearing a long silk blood red dress. It came down to my ankles, sleeveless with a V neckline. My red hair falling down my back to my waste. He came to me and pulled me into a long fierce embrace.

"Oh my beautiful, Tialanna, look at how much you have grown." he said with a eerily seductive voice, "You are truly a woman now are you not? I almost cannot believe my eyes. I have missed so much of your life. So many things I should have told you long ago. How many regrets I do have. Well, I am not just here merely on a social call my sweet. We have things to discuss."

"Ok...This is nothing more than a dream, yet you are talking like a father seeing his long lost child." I started to laugh at that, until I saw the intense glare he was giving me. "Hey, that was meant to be a joke. And seeing how this is my dream, whether the joke was actually funny of not, you are pretty much guaranteed to laugh."

He took a step closer to me and I felt an instant chill crawl up my spine. "This is more than just a mere dream, child. They all have been more than just dreams. What you just said is more true than you could possibly begin to fathom."

"Well then, since this isn't a dream is some kind of nightmare?"

"No, child." he said shaking his head.

"If this is not a dream and not a nightmare, then what the hell is it, 'cause I am so not in the mood to play 20 questions."

This is starting to get really weird. What in the blazing hells is he talking about. Of course this is a dream. Or maybe it is a nightmare - cause I would never be caught dead in a dress like this.

"Please, child, what I need to tell you is important. I wanted to do this differently. This is not easy for me. Though it must be even more difficult to you. How can I even begin to explain when you continue to believe this is nothing more than a dream? I told that damned Grim he needed to bring you to me so that this could be done properly. Then we possibly could have averted all of this."

Alright, is he talking to me or to himself. And Grim...

"What the hell does Grim have to do with anything? You know, I liked you a whole lot better in my childhood dreams when you pushed me on a swing."

"Child please. We are running out of time-"

"Will you stop calling me child, when we look to be damn near the same age. What kind of dream is this? And how could Grim bring me to y-"

Before I could get another word out he was right in front of me. And his eyes....

"This is not how I wanted to do this, but you leave me no choice. Hear my words and know that they are true."

I couldn't move or speak. Just stare into his eyes and listen to him.

"I call you child because you are my child. All of the nights you dreamt of me were more than just mere dreams. It was the only way for to look in on you coming up. The only way to be close to you without upsetting your mother. And as for how old I look, well I am well over a thousand years old. None of that matters right now. What matters is this."

Why grandma, what big teeth you have. I thought as he showed me his fangs.

"You will not come into your full powers until sunset on the eve of you birth. Your enemies are counting on just that. And by full power I do not mean mere witch powers, my child, but your birth right as one of my line. There is no time to fully explain. When this is done, the man you have believed to be you father will no longer except you, please know I take no pleasure in that. Also know that will always have a home with me should to choose to. If you except me, I will tell all you wish to know"

I kept trying to snap out it, to pull myself free. All the while, trying desperately not to believe what he was telling me, though every fiber of my body knew he was indeed speaking the truth. But how could any of this be real?!

I was taught to believe vampires were evil incarnate. Nothing more than vicious unfeeling monsters. Even if what he said was true, why would he give a damn about me?

"Please stop trying to deny what I am telling you when you know it to be true. And care a great deal about you, more than you know."

Great, was heading my mind too?

"Oh my darling child, I wish we had more time. But there is none. You must be strong right now. If what I am about to do costs me any chance of having your ability to possibly love and accept me, so be it. I would rather you hate me, than to just sit back and allow you to die."

Finally, I could at least wiggle my fingers.

"You must drink from me. With your vampire blood and witch blood running through your veins, a drink from me should awake some of your vampire abilities. And help you to win this fight. Grim should be on his way as we speak, to help you."

He sliced the artery in his neck with his fingernail, no, correction, claw.

I could almost move my arm.

Then he grabbed my head, putting my mouth to his bleeding neck. I couldn't stop myself.

The first couple of drops tasted salty to my tongue, then it started to taste...good. I can't even begin to describe the taste. It was wet and hot and...with every drop I just wanted more.

"That's right, child, drink."

I sucked deeper and deeper. I couldn't stop. It was like I getting a taste of something I had been missing my whole life. Just when his wound began to close, I felt my canines elongate and sink into his neck. How the hell did that happen!

I could move my arm again. But instead of pushing him away - the way my brain kept telling me to - I reached up to grip his hair and pull him closer to me.

I should be feeling disgusted right now.

Instead this felt, right.

His blood was flowing down my throat, with each swallow I pulled from him seemed to fill me. And no, I don’t mean just my stomach. It seemed to be going my limbs. Strengthening me. It was sliding down so easily; so naturally, so…..

No, this isn't right. I am not a vampire. This is just some sick fucked up dream.

Isn't it?

"ENOUGH" he said

Slowly I pulled away from him.

"I only hope this will be all you need."

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I looked down and saw blood.

I woke up still chained to the wall. I heard howling and fighting outside the room. I looked down to see a dagger sticking out of my chest and one of my captors right in front of me. I looked up at him with my eyes blazing red.

"You missed my heart you sick son of a bitch!" I said as ripped the chains right out of the wall, I willed the dagger out my chest into my hand and went for his throat.

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:O:O!!! its really really good!!!!! I wanna read more, no correction, im dying to read more!

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lmfao ;) ;) ;), gonna work on some more this weekend, thanx

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Katoof | 1611 comments WOW Tiff this is Really good!!!!!!

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Katoof | 1611 comments I love it

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Katoof | 1611 comments more please!! i hope you are going to get this published if it carries on like this.... I really do love it

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THANK YOU!!! Still working on it, but i sure hope so!!!

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Mary (ambells) I concentrate to school to much and this is what I miss? O_O Holly molly, lack of better words.
That was perfect, and what a twist O_O XD Perfect

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
LMFAO Thank you Thank you Thank you;)

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Mary (ambells) Nothing new on the way?

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Katoof | 1611 comments yeah tiff WE WANT MORE

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Tiffany (vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
YES AS SOON AS I RECTIFY MY COMP SITUATION!!!! Have to retype the entire thing but I do have more chapters!!! ;-)

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Katoof | 1611 comments nooooo, you have to retype it all??? i feel for you, cant wait to read more though

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yes indeed i do. :'-C

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Mary (ambells) So how is retyping going?

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Haven't been able to start yet, have to get the laptop first :'-C Which I will be doing VERY SOON!!

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