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Heather (heatherjoy) What were your impressions of Rand? Did you suspect he was a traitor? Did you feel that his final actions made up for his betrayal?

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 46 comments I totally did not see that coming. He seemed like such a nice guy! I knew he was unhappy (about his mother, his friend, the status quo) and so after the fact it makes sense, but as a reader I trusted that he was a friend to Yelena. I don't think his final actions make up for his betrayal (what about betraying Dilana? wasn't he thinking of her at all? If I were her, I'd be more than a little annoyed) but it probably eased his conscience a bit.

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Angie | 2686 comments Mod
I didn't see him betraying at all when reading this book. I really liked his character and was surprised he did what he did. I did wonder what would happen when he became the new cook at the other castle. I think he would've been killed there anyways.

Kayzee | 180 comments Poor Rand was destoned to death all because of Brazell king of the pricks. To be honest I didnt like him much at the start but then when he opened up to Yelena I started falling for him. he was trying to help...
but not liking this character so much. wish we seen more of dilena but they ;eft her openfor later I surpose lol

Annalisa (goodreadsannalisa) I didn't see his betrayal coming. I thought Valek was blinded by his feelings and tainted by jealousy but that Rand would end up being a good guy.

Kayzee | 180 comments I did think he was going to be a good guy too Annalise, I feel sad thinking about him haha

☆drea☆ wears the cheese (dreawearsthecheese) i actually put the book down in a "time out" when rand turned up being a bad guy, i was sad. i liked his character, i felt after all he's already been through he could have redeemed himself beyond having to die...

Heather (heatherjoy) Well, I don't think Rand did what he did maliciously, but I do think he betrayed Yelena, many times.

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K. M. R. (moisoha) | 9 comments Actually, I totally saw that coming. I dunno, maybe I'm just good at reading books or it's my writing spirit that makes me see the way a good book wold do things, but I thought it was great that they had a betrayal. It really added to an already intense situation.

Kayzee | 180 comments OoooO 2 Kayla's that think two different things fun :)

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Emma | 1 comments I think I was more mad at Rand for dying (I know, he couldn't help it) than for betraying Yelena.

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