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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill | 55 comments Mod
Were any of you fortunate enough to attend a Con and meet (or at least see) one of the Buffy actors in person?

My wife and I attended the one and only Buffy Con in Detroit several years ago. It was attended by a terrific line-up of cast members: Tony Head, Amber Benson, James Marsters, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Kelli Rocha, and even (from Angel) Andy Hallett.

We met them all, got our pictures taken with Tony and Andy, saw Common Ro perform, sat at the dinner table with Tom Lenk, and thought Danny Strong was exactly like his character in the episode Superstar. He kept introducing himself to people, finding people standing nearby and say, "Hi. My name is Danny. And you are...?" Very personable. Really funny.

So, how about you? Who have you met from Buffy, Angel, or even Firefly?

message 2: by Sofia (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 65 comments YOU MET ANDY HALLETT???? Lorne's my favorite character!!! That must have been so much fun =D

I met Amber Benson at a Sing-Along event (Once More With Feeling) in Houston. Well not so much "met" as said hi to. Still... =D

message 3: by Bill (last edited Mar 02, 2010 04:54AM) (new)

Bill | 55 comments Mod
Yeah. We have a picture of us with Andy. He was a character and a half. Telling jokes and stories. He has a million of 'em.

How is Andy doing, by the way? Last I heard, he wasn't feeling well. Is he still around?

Oh, heck. I just checked IMDB. I didn't know he died last March 29th. Crap. That's terrible. He was so talented. (Coincidentally, my father passed away on the very same day - March 29, 2009. We were kind of in a blur for a month or two after that. So that's probably why we didn't notice any news about Andy's passing.)

We have a picture of us with Andy Hallett. He's got his arms around our shoulders. I wonder if photos can be posted here? Hmmm. I'll look into that.

message 4: by Sofia (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 65 comments Yeah, you can. There's a link on the right for Photos w/ the list of things like 'Group Home', 'Bookshelf', etc.

Sorry about you dad.. =(. I found out Andy passed away about a month after it happened ='(. Wasn't there something wrong with his heart?

message 5: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas | 5 comments Emma Caulfield at Buffy Con in Melbourne, Australia. She was kooky and delightful and have a couple of photos to reinforce the memory :)

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