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OK, if eveyone i know can look at this for me:)

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Jackson Dane -son of Ares moorhous (Waca-Wacahaha) | 174 comments Ok, so i dont want this to be long, so, im finally back in the states, i had been living in london for around a year, and it was boring, but amazing, i didnt get the chance to go to monuments, i had to do schooling nonstop just to keep a good grade, and had two friends (Jacob and Alison) and they lived two floors above me, they were terribly kind to me on my first day at school, and love them for it, but now that im back, and have at least a slight bit of free time, i want to start rping in this group again, and i cant do that on my own, no this isnt some fake story to make this group active, this is my genuine story of how deprived i was for about the last year or so, i havent been able to rp AT ALL. so please get on and use the charries you made and freakin rp with me:)))

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Karina you know...Emily would say diffrently on your whereabouts...

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