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message 1: by Rita (new)

Rita Hestand (Redameter) | 1 comments Hey guys and gals,
I'm one who thinks poetry is something that should come straight from the heart. Not be contrived and just a bunch of words on paper. In order to write it I have to be in that mode, that feeling of nature and beauty and appreciating the world.
Poetry is a sounding box for emotions, and observations in life. We should use it with great care and always keep it pure and beautfiul.
Just my opinion.
Love and blessings

message 2: by Lara (new)

Lara Biyuts (larabiyuts) | 1 comments Hello poetry-lovers. Some classic poems in my translation you can find at Roy Eynhallow's Creative World http://www.eynhallowbooks.com/2012/09...

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