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message 1: by Hawkheart (new)

Hawkheart | 56 comments Mod
((Rp your charries here! It's greenleaf.))

message 2: by Hawkheart (new)

Hawkheart | 56 comments Mod
Dozingheart left the warriors den and looked up to the sky. A sigh excaped him when he saw that it was cloudy out, meaning not a lot of sunlight. He thought about returning to his nest, but his stomach growld telling him that he should eat.

message 3: by Ashley *Frostpool*, Froststar, Hawknose, Firepaw, Rainstream, Lionfern, Mistpaw (new)

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 146 comments Mod
Firepaw rolled over on her back on a patch of cloves in the only sunny part of camp left. Her ginger pelt was longing for the natural warmth of the sun, which the clouds were rudely covering up. Letting out a breath, she gave up and sprang to her paws.

message 4: by Hawkheart (new)

Hawkheart | 56 comments Mod
Redpaw bounced over to Firepaw with an excited look in his eyes. "Hey ther Firepaw. Do you have training for today?"

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