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Who invited YOU!!

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Who invited you??

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Tatianah | 90 comments you!!!! :)

message 5: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (savvy15) you! :D

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U! I'm the different one...Yay!!!

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments UUUUUUUUUUUU did! :D lol

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Eww. Looks like ya beat me.

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You guys can guess, I went brain dead like an hour ago.

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Ok...If I answer correctly, can I tell you my awesomely awesome good news??

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Battle of One

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I'm smart... Anyways...My mom said I could redo my roomin 80's rock!!!!!!! My dream!

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awesome im redoing my room as well

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Wait what??? Do you have something against 80's rock?????? Do you?

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I really want to redo my room to have a Slytherin theme.

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Cool...I love the 80's their my fave time period eva!! Yeah, and I didn't even live in that time!

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Does anybody know some good memorobilia from that time? Something that represents the love for rock?

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments Jayne's the Name wrote: "Eww. Looks like ya beat me."

srry! :( just dont usually spell u like you. lol

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Just jking!

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments It's ok. :D so wats goin on?? lol

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Nothin' much. Just saw this ad on tv for like a 100 cd collection of 70's and 80's rock balads...Think I might get a cheaper one on ebay. Ebay has soooo many tempting things. When I go on there I want like, everything. Ahh. Can't wait till I redo my room in 80's...

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments thats sooo cool! wish I could redo my rooom 2 lol

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Joshua (Buron) | 1 comments mrs.belikov. ..............

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments dude, u r just creeping me out. and thts the gods honest truth.

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Lmao heyyyyy

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments heyyyyyyy!!!! isnt he creeping u out though??

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^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments watcha doin?

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Talking on the phone with Ashley

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments wat u guys tlkn bout?

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Her and Will Blahhhhhhhh * throws up*

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments how much fun............

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Yupppppp Let me tell ya haha so whatcha doing lol u should come over

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Well idk

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments idk either...............

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Shit i have alot of people that like want me to come to hang with them and i hung wiht u last week end n i might be going to Marias

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments kk

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yea ugh wow

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments call me when u kno wat ur doin! :D lol

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) | 39 comments I invited ma self.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 67 comments where is everyone?? come on lets tlk!!!! :D

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