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(( RP her after u make ur charrie))

Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments anny walks out the door in anger at her mom wanting to run away ...after walking 2 miles she sees someone else walking...a guy about her age or two years older...he walks over to her . . .

(kenneth) Broken Glass (kenneth14) | 5 comments the man walks up to anny "hey im john what are you doing all the way out here by yourself?"

Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments she gives john a weird look and says parents under her breath

(kenneth) Broken Glass (kenneth14) | 5 comments i have the same problems when i was your know what how about you come with me ill show you some thing really cool...John looked at anny then smiled

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Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments oh really??
anny said walking over to john to get a better look at him still not sure if she should trust him

Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments ((you need to be on more)) ;p

(kenneth) Broken Glass (kenneth14) | 5 comments i know your probably thinking you cant trust me but if you come with me you can do whatever you want no rules thats why i ran away from my parents
John said and his eyes gleamed
((i know i should))=P

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Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments Anny eyes widen thinking of the possibilities that could await out side oh her small town
alright anny says smilling
now just a couple of feet away from john
so do you have a car or do you just walk
around by your self all the time
she said jokingly

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Kam walked home from work it was a long way home but she did not care she walked alone every night

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Sam drove up in his car and he saw a girl walking home alone.

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Kam yawned she was sleepy and stopped for a second to tie her shoe then keep walking

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Jenny crossed the street to her home. It was dark in there. Crossing to her front door, she rummaged in her backpack to look for her keys. It wasn't there. Panicking, Jenny dumped everything out of her bag to look for her keys. They weren't there. "Snap!" she thought. "I should have agreed to the extra key thing." then Jenny remembered that her parents had left tonight, so she would have been home-alone for a week. "Uh-oh..What should I do??" she thought. Then she decided to see if she could stay at her friend's house. Crossing to her friend's house, she found that all the lights were out. Not wanting to disturb them, Jenny slinked away to go to the park. Dejected, she sat down on a park bench. "I'm dead!" she thought. WAllowing in her gloomy thoughts, she was interrupted from her misery when she spotted a figure detach itself from the shadows.

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Cory smiled and walked toward jenny

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Jenny shivered when she saw a man/guy walk toward her. Jenny tried to stand up and walk away, but the guy was blocking her path.

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Cory smiled and walked over to her "Whats a girl like you doing out so late" he asked

(kenneth) Broken Glass (kenneth14) | 5 comments I usauly walk alone but yeah i have a car i dont know i guess i like the woods john laughed

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Shayna McAtee  (shaynamcatee) | 10 comments anny laughed to then let out a quiet sigh kinda getting a bad vibe from this guy but ignored and decided to tell him her name
. . .oh any ways my name is anny she said half smiling

x.Lithium.x (Cappy) (scarsandguitars) | 23 comments Kiley sat on the porch, looking at the stars.

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Yuka wrote: "Kam yawned she was sleepy and stopped for a second to tie her shoe then keep walking"

Sam slowed down and rolled his window down.

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Kam saw him and started to walk faster

x.Lithium.x (Cappy) (scarsandguitars) | 23 comments ((does anybody have a kidnapper?))

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Sam called out, "Hey!"

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She turned around "WHAT" she asked

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"Watcha doing walking home at night?" Sam asks her.

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"I just got off work" she said looking and seeing her street not to far away

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"I'll take you home!" Sam says.

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"No" she said " My house is just right over there its ok" she said and crossed the road heading to her house

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"I don't believe you!" Sam says.

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she walked up to her house giggling and took out her keys and unlocked it then closed the door forgetting to lock her door she walked up stairs and got ready to take a shower

she started the water and walked to her room and grabbed some cloths then she walked back to the bathroom and got into the shower

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Sam was mad that she ignored him. So he walked up to her front door and walked inside.

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she had a radio blasting inside the bathroom and was washing her hair

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Sam heard the music and grinned he climbed the stairs andstopped outside the bathroom door

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she rised all the soap out of her hair and turned the water off and started to dry off

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Sam knocked on the door.

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she did not hear him her music was still on she turned it off and sighed she was still naked when she opened the door and gasped when she saw him she slammed the door in his face

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Sam grinned her knocked onthe door harder, "open up!"

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"GET PUT OF MY HOUSE" she screamed she did not have a lock on her bathroom door so she leaned against it

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"Nah." Sam says.

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she had a window in the bathroom and ran to in she was still naked and the window was high up she opened it and tryed to get threw but had to leave the towel to beable to get up onto the window seal

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Sam turned around and opened the bathroom door. "No! You can't leave!" He rushes over and grabs her.

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she screamed as he pulled her back threw the window she reached for the towel to put over her naked body

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Sam took the towel from her, "You don't get this either."

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she kicked him and ran out of the bothroom door and heading to the front door

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Sam gasped in pain. He chased after her and caught her. He smacked her across the face really hard, "Shut up!"

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she whimpered and struggled against his hold she was scared and finally stopped struggling cause she got to tired

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Sam said. "There we go. That's better. Now here is a towel." He hands it to her without releasing his grip.

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She wrapped in around her all the way she was scared what he would do she hoped he would leave

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"Now. When is the next time someones coming home?" Sam asked.

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