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The Wife's Tale Giveaway - 5 copies

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message 1: by Cym (new)

Cym Lowell (cymlowell) | 14 comments Thanks to Hachette, I have 5 copies of The Wife's Tale to giveaway. Read my review and comment to enter.

You will love this book!

-CYMThe Wife's Tale: A Novel

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (sharn) I commented and started following your blog.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannon4462) I agree... the book sounds intriguing; I love books of redemption where women are involved it gives you a sense of stength.

message 4: by Cym (new)

Cym Lowell (cymlowell) | 14 comments Thank you all for your comments about my review of A Wife’s Tale. I have been writing thrillers for a long time, which, in my case, tend to be full of international locations, financial skullduggery, and cataclysmic dangers facing the civilized world.

As I have embarked on my book review blogging, we have been blessed with a wide variety of books. I read every one then write my feelings about the story. In this process, I have discovered that there is another genre of thriller, emotional thrillers. That is, books that provide an emotional roller-coaster that mirrors what we wall experience in one way or another in our own lives: defeat, inspiration, success, failure, doom, optimism, and so on. A Wife’s Tale is just this. No violence, no intrigue beyond the blossoming of Mary Gooch’s inner-strength.

I am not a literature professor or learned critic, so it may be that what a have come to describe as emotional thrillers are otherwise known as literary novels.

In any event, thank you for your interest! Warms, Cym

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