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2 Year Project

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message 1: by Alli (new)

Alli Treman (allirense) | 2 comments Hi, I decided at the end of last year to make reading everything on this list a 2-year project. I'm going upwards on the list (starting with The Magnificent Ambersons) and so far I've finished 4 books, so I'm a little behind.

I'm blogging about the project here at The Displaced English Major.

I'd love to talk to people who have done or are also working on this!

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennipmcd) | 1 comments I'm doing something similar, but decided to work the books chronologically by publication date. I have to admit, I got half way through Conrad's Lord Jim and had to stop. I just finished Dreiser's Sister Carrie, so I guess I either need to finish Conrad or start the next book. I'm finding I'm not a fan of the early 20th century style of writing.

message 3: by David S. T. (new)

David S. T. I have a similar goal.....only I'm going to take 10-15 years (:

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 2 comments Me too Carmelo! At first I thought I'd do it in less time, but I realized I want to be able to read non-list books in between. Doing it in 2 years and reading them chronologically sound awesome though! (I just have my boyfriend pick a number from 2-100 and that's the book I read next. I'm saving Ulysses til the end though.) Alli, I'll be sure to check out your blog!

message 5: by Alli (new)

Alli Treman (allirense) | 2 comments I gave up on the 2-year aspect since I've only finished about 6 so far and keep getting stuck. I think things will improve once I finish the current book, though.

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