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Charmed Wolf vampire hunter | 134 comments Mod

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((Hmmmmmmm ok))

Enna picked up a large box of new shipped in books from the stock room, and walked out towards the shelves, trying to find the right places in where to put them

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Emily ((Pst, Rose, you said her name was Enna))

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((*sigh* I forget. maybe I should just stick to one name..))

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Emily ((lol, yeah))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) *is getting coffee for boss*

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Josh walked into a bookstore. He wanted to get his sister a birthday present.

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Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 25 comments Sofia is at her work in the library looking at the bookstore catalog for new books daydreaming about going for cofee

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Rose had one stack of giant books left, and those were to be placed all the way across the store. She discarded that box and carired the 8 stacked books in her hands, carefully making her way over and trying not to drop them.

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Josh walked up to one one of the shelves and started looking for a book.

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Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 25 comments after work Sofia decided to go get a book at the book store there she saw the girl who was ususally stacking books "what was her name?" she thought she was sure she had seen it but could not remember

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Josh was in the aisle where Enna had to place the books, plus he was standing exactly where she needed to put them. "Need any help?" Enna asked, giving a small smile behind her stack of books

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Josh turned around and said, "I don't. But it looks like you do. Let me grab some of those."

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"Oh no, I think I go--" Enna began, but just as she said that half of her books fell out of her hands. She sighed, "I'm sorry." she apologized, bending down to pick up the books.

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((You mean Enna? Lol))

"Oh it's fine." Josh says smiling. He bends down and picks up the rest of the books.

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((YES! if I ever say Rose, hit me. lol))

"Thanks." Enna said, then quickly stacked them.

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((haha ok!))

"What type of books do you read?" Josh asks her brushing his hair out of his face.

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Enna smiled to herself. No one ever asked her that, even her best friends. "I like all types, really. Fantasy and romance mainly. You?"

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"Well. I normally don't read that much. But when I do I like action/fantasy books." Josh says.

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Enna pursed her lips, "Action, hmm? Then this--" she paused, turning and taking a few steps toward other shelves, then pulling out a paperback book, "is perfect for you."

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Emily ((Don't forget the other rp Rose))

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"Really?" Josh sas skimming the back, "Sounds good. I'll give it a try!"

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((Heeh..which one?))

"Cool." Enna smiled, watching Josh read. "I'm Enna, by the way." she blurted out, then flushed pink.
Christ Enna... she silently chastised herself

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Josh glanced up at her and said, "Im Josh. Do you mind helping me pick out a book for my sister?"

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Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 25 comments Sofia saw how the girl blushed just by talking with that guy "young lovers" she thought to herself she started imaginig what they were talking about. She loved to watch young people falling for each other and she could recognized when this happened.

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"Sure. How old?" Enna questioned, thankful for the distraction.

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"She's 21." Josh answers, "I need to get her a birhday present."

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"Okay." She smiled, "Uhmmm...follow me." Enna said then walked down a few more shelves, and pulled off three books. "Gone by Michael Grant, A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, or City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. You pick."

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Emily Air browsed around the book store not having anything better to do

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((oh my gosh! I've read all three!!!!! There so good!))

Josh picks one at random. He looks down and says, "City of Bones. Looks good."

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((Yes! I love them! ^^))
Enna grinned, "Good choice."

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((*smack!* you said Rose!))

"Yeah. Thanks Enna." Josh says smiling.

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((THanks! *rubs head*))

"No problem. It's what I'm here for." Enna laughed, heading towards the cash register

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Emily Air tapped the girl on the shoulder

((Let's see how Air fares in a normal environment!))

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Josh follows her, "So how old are you?"

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((Which girl Emily?))

"17, what about you?" Enna asked, taking the book from him to scan it.

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"17 too." Josh says smiling.

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Emily ((You duh.))

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Rose smiled at Josh, "Cool. 17's er...awesome." She stuttered, then turned to Air, "Hi, can I help you with anything?"

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Emily "Yes." She said bouncing up and down on the heels of her feet. "I need a copy of Homer's Iliad."

((What'd you expect her to read, lol))

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Josh looks back at his books, I wonder if she'd go out with me? he thinks.

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"Homer's Iliad? Maybe.." Enna mumbled, shooting Josh an apologetic smile and wishing she could still stay and talk.
"I'll be right back." She said and went to find it.


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((Whoops!!! I missed that one!! *smack*))

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((Hahah:) ))

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Josh nods, and starts leafing through the paperback she recomended.

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"Here you go." Enna said, pulling a copy of the book of the shelf and handing it to air

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Emily ((Facepalms Rose's face, happy?))

"Thanks." She said, then fell backwards into a stack of books. "Ouch."

((Don't ask me how she fell, we've both done that b4))

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((Yes I am. Thank you. lol))

Enna furrowed her brow in wonder as she saw Air on the ground.
"You okay, kid?" She asked, helping her up and stifling a smile.

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Emily "Yeah, I tend to fall. Alot." She said shrugging

((Rose make another charrie!))

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Jesse sat at a table, working on his next book of poetry. A waiter brought him his coffee, but tripped and spilt it all over Jesse. He let out a stream of loud curses as the hot liquid soaked through his shirt.

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