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Who is your Favorite Character?

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Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* My favorite character is sapphire, and I completely understand her feelings about Ingo. I am completely on her side on everything in the book.

Writersblock55 My favourite character is also sapphire - i'm assuming it's because she's the narattor of the story and the author wants the readers to feel sympathetic/understanding for the narrator (therefore we like them). However I feel more than sympathy towards Sapphire - I like her personality; her bravery, chivalry, honesty, and integrity...she really knows her values!

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* I so agree!

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I agree. She must be a little anoyed that Faro wouldn't tell her anything. I know I know. He had a good reason. Still...

Shyra hey guys!!! i heard tht there was another book coming after dis. is is true?????

Natasha Shahira wrote: "hey guys!!! i heard tht there was another book coming after dis. is is true?????"

really?? that would be great! :D

Aras Redan My favourites are Sapphire and Faro. I can't pick. It's like the meaning of their bracelets. They're stronger together. The new book isn't about Sapphire or Connor or Faro. It's completely new characters which I'm kind of depressed about :( Also I'm not buying the book until they get a new cover. The girl in it looks too much like someone I really don't like. -.-

Rosalie Stormswept is due out this year (5 July 2012). Helen Dunmore has it on her website and looked it up. Continues from her Ingo Chronicles, it sounds like another story but continuing from the Ingo storyline. Should be a good one to read.

Aras Redan If you read the first book of Ingo, it said that Matthew Trewhella fell in love with a Mer named Morveren. This new book is the story of that legend. Morveren is Mer and The teenage boy is Matthew.

Chloe I really like sapphire.

Ishmeen I like Faro :)

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Rie Naftali Conor!

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