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message 1: by Bri (new) - added it

Bri I read book number one as an ebook and I really liked it... I started reading this one too, but stopped after awhile and never caught back up with it... what happened? I put currently reading on here with best intentions, hoping that I would open it back up... But I just changed it to "to read" because I know when I start again I won't remember what's been going on >.>...

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Ashten ikr i just did then same cause i found deals in a book store.

Kayla WHOA. Exactly what I did. Not even kidding. It got really boring so I stopped reading it and picked it up later on and I was very confused.

Nurlely Ink Exchange has lots of new fairies added to fairies in Wicked Lovely. There are some dark fairies added. I liked Irial and Niall more than I liked Seth. I was not fond of Keenan. There are new fairies mentioned in each book 2, 3 and 4. Book 5 as the last of the series, has all of the involving fairies, from Summer, Winter, Dark and High Courts.

Angie Cronje I started reading these books because of the amazing covers, I fell in love with the first book and immediately bought book 2-4, which I am now regretting because its a really boring read and I just cant seem to get into them, I finished books 1-3 though I left 4 hanging and haven't had energy to start reading it again, now it only makes sense to buy the 5th book because otherwise I will have half a collection...

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Ashten Nurlely wrote: "Ink Exchange has lots of new fairies added to fairies in Wicked Lovely. There are some dark fairies added. I liked Irial and Niall more than I liked Seth. I was not fond of Keenan. There are new fa..."

i was never fond of Keenan either and i really wounder y the books get sooooo boreing

Rebecca Didnt really like this one. I loved the first one though

Amber. Vampire Queen. I liked that the first and second ran along the same time line

Rachel I never knew there was a series so i read (apparently) the 2nd book first, i really loved it! I think i want to read the series, does anyone know the names of (apparently) all 5?

Angie Cronje Rachel wrote: "I never knew there was a series so i read (apparently) the 2nd book first, i really loved it! I think i want to read the series, does anyone know the names of (apparently) all 5?"

Wickedly Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows, Darkest Mercy

message 11: by Brittany (last edited Jun 06, 2011 01:37PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brittany I loved the entire series. There were some parts that made me think "Okay... This is happening yet again." But overall, I really enjoyed these books. I read the first two a few years back, and just recently read them over again and continued to read the rest of them. It took me less than a week.

I was never really sure who I thought should end up with who because each character had some really strong, desirable qualities; but I'm afraid they were shown as well as they should have been.

I liked Niall and Irial the most. Their characters were strong and vulnerable all in one, or maybe I'm just attracted to men with a dark side. Who knows? [:

I'm glad the entire series didn't JUST revolve around Aislinn and her uncertainty. I don't think I could have read five books that had to do with nothing else. I wished she would have just been with Seth and there be nothing much else to it, but then again an epic story about the two strongest summer fairies and love could have been quite enjoyable. ha

Even through all I've said, I couldn't put these books down for the most part. They are a great read if you are into fairie tales.

Nurlely Niall and Irial are certainly awesome. Love them both. Best fey in the series. Bad boys are always intriguing, ordinary or supernatural....:)

message 13: by Ally (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ally I liked the third book the best. I've only read three so...haha. But I wanted to know what was going on with Aislinn! I didn't really care, maybe, that much about Leslie. Her and Niall make a great couple, don't get me wrong, it just didn't follow up Wicked Lovely very well. =/

Nurlely Leslie was with Irial not Niall....:)

Brittany Niall always wanted Leslie, and she wanted him for awhile; but she gave herself to Irial long before Niall could stop her. Irial claimed his Shadow Girl, Leslie; while there was nothing much that Niall could do yet again.

Nurlely Yep, but Niall and Leslie were never a couple. It was Irial and Leslie...:)

Victoria (daisyduck) If you read the short story Stopping Time (it's on Kindle), you see that Niall and Leslie do take their relationship further but there is only so far they can go, for all the same reasons that she couldn't stay with Irial.

Nurlely Gosh...I always hate the system. We do not have access to Kindle here. Can I search in on Google and download it to my PC?

Nurlely But I still prefer Irial to Niall. Niall is a bit 'nice' as the Dark King. But I love them both.

message 20: by Jenn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jenn Doyle I've read the entire series and this book stands out as my favorite. I LOVE the world Melissa Marr has created with the series, but there was just something about Leslie, Irial, and Niall in this book that just grabbed me. I love both Irial and Niall, but in the end I think Irial is my favorite of the two because he doesn't just see things as black and white...he realizes there is an entire grey area that Niall can't see at this point in the series and he will do whatever he feels is necessary. But to balance this he is also extremely protective of both Leslie and Niall.

Aislinn dropped a bit for me in this book with the whole Keenan or Seth thing (make up your mind already) and Donia I loved just as much as in the first book.

My favorites of the series were books 1, 2, & 5. 3 & 4 were nice additions, but didn't resonate as much for me.

Roxanne I didn't really like this book as much as the first one. I almost stopped reading it got kind of boring in the middle. But at the end it was waay better.

message 22: by Elsa (last edited Sep 16, 2011 05:31PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Elsa Carrion I just finished it and I liked it. I don't see why Leslie can't have both. And I wished Ash would have told her from when she saw Irial about the other world and given her the choice to pick whether she wanted to be numb or not. Keenan was a butt, and Seth didn't really have a lot to do in this book besides walking Leslie around. I have to go and get 3-5 eventually. But this book took longer to read than most for me. I thought it was the long hours at work but that's usual for me and I still seem to finish a 300ish page book in two days. Maybe subconsciously I was thinking that it was a bit boring. Well since I started the series and I did enjoy the ending I have to finish it. Speaking of the ending, I wonder if she ever longed for the other world. Was it just me or did this story line have some type of double meaning about addiction? And what did ya'll think about the tatoo?

Ruthie This book and the 3rd book, Fragile Eternity kinda had a "lull" period at some point in their plots where months go bye and 2ndary characters wonder what's going on with the main characters. In this book, (view spoiler). I guess that's why some people had a hard time finishing it.

Mehnaz Yes this book was a little boring...I struggled to reach to the finish, but succeeded somehow.

message 25: by Lynn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn I liked this book a lot better than the first. I love Irial and Niall, and their story is so sad and sweet at the same time. The last book is my favorite. Some of it is the characters saying "What now?", but when you get near the end it goes fast. After I finished it I looked around going, "Where'd everybody go?". Ink Exchange would be my second favorite of the series.

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