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Nina ((start here))

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((is there charries?))

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Nina ((sure hold up))

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Nora sang to herself in the dark, some nights she wishes she were never born. this was one of those nights...she had just watched her baby sister die of starvation. She was her only family, now she was truely alone...

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((idk what to do.))

Nora turned and saw Sammy and hid.

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"Sammy! get off of me...!" Sammy looked confused

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Nora got up and shook it off. "Shut up not in the mood, my only family just died."

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((Brittany walked past Nora and Sammy, and ran over to them))

"Hey guys whats up, nobody is answering there phones or at home, do you guys wanna hang out" She said with a smile.

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Reena and Evie walked over, "Why are we all over here?"

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"I dont know, nobody was answering there phones and i guess there all here, ha ha ha" said Brittany.

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Evie smiled
Reena sighed

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♥ Dayna ♫ wrote: "Nora groaned.. Teenagers were her least favorite people, and here they all were, like a cult. She wanted to vomit."

((could you please stop RPing Nora.))

Nora tried to slip away before anyone saw her.

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Evie asked, "where are you going?"

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Nora didn't look back "away..."

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Evie followed Nora.

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Nora turned to Evie "what do you think your doing?"

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"What does it look like I"m doing?"

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"Hey Evie" said Brittany.

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"HI" Evei smiled

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"Hows Evreything Going" Brittany replied.

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"fine. you?" Evie replied

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"Well i guess it could go better" she replied with a sigh.

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"Yeah," Evie agreed

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"Haha we should get together sometime, like the mall or something"

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((you can only play your person, not other peoples characters))

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((yeah, what she said.)) Nora rolled her eyes and kept walking

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Nora forced a slight smile and shrugged.

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Nora's smile faded as she looked at the others

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awnica walked down the street towards her house. "who are those girls up ahead?" she thought. "oh it doesnt matter their probably just a bunch of weirdos"

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she kept walking, all of a sudden her stomach started searing with pain, "augh!" she yelled and fell to the ground.

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Nora heared the call but didn't se anyone 'probaly just another death...' she thought as she walked on

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((aww! u guys r mean!))

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awnica stood up, "dang it!" she thought, "another contraction!" she kept walking towards the small group of people.

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Nora saw the girl walk by she looked at her but did nothing...she didnt like people... ((ha ha, sorry.))

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awnica watched the two people running off, "their rude!"((ha ha)) she thought, "but whod care anyways?"

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Nora turned to Sammy and crossed her arms "Why would you possibly want me around?"

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Brittany looked out her bedroom window thinking of someone to call. She pulled out her phone and texted Nora "Hey!"

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Nora rolled her eyes at the tone coming from her pocket, she pulled out her phone and text back " is not the best time..."

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"Sorry......i didnt know."
Brittany thought she would try to plan a night out with the boy she liked. She started to text John, got scared and threw her phone on her bed.

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((lol, ok...))

She texted back, "Its ok, wat u doin?"

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Brittany looked at her phone. "Trying to figure out a way to text my crush, haha"

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"Really, who?"

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"Well I dont think im really ready to tell anybody". Brittany replied.

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"Oh come on!"

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"No, sorry." Brittany paused and looked away.

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Nora closed her phone and put it in her pocket

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Brittany looked at Nora, "Do you wanna do something?"

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"Fine...." said Nora ((no ones RPing!!!))

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"Well we dont have to if you dont want 2." Brittany said.

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