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Elizabeth Prologue

A shadow faces the sky. The sun sinks. Everything goes black. "The doom is here," whispers the shadow. "Nothing can stop this. Nothing." Suddenly, a red flower, the color of blood, pokes out of the ground. The shadow turns toward it. "Or," it whispers. "Maybe something can.

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Elizabeth Chapter One~Wish

Taqir looked at the sky. Her eyes glistened in the early morning. She began to pace, up and down the garden her father says holds a deep grudge, a ghost, that could determine the fate of the world. Kalliq had not believed him then. And she still did not, a year after he died.
Her mother, Wek, calls her. "Taqir, come here. Now." As she turned to go inside, four hounds leap out of the darkness. Growling, they pounce on Taqir's mother. "No!" Taqir rushes over, but it is too late. Her mother is dead. The dogs turn on her, ready for a new kill. The first one snaps at her, giving TAqir a deep wound.
Frightened, the girl tries to get to the house. The entrance is blocked by two of the hounds. Her red eyes frantically search for an escape route. There is none.
But then, a voice whispers in her ear. Wish, Taqir. Wish. Scared, the twelve-year-old closes her eyes. I wish to be free. Away from here. I wish to be with my parents.
The dogs whimper in confusion. The dark girl who would be their dinner had dissapeared in a gust of mist. Away from here, the wind seemed to mutter. Away from here.

Gasping, Taqir fell to the ground. Her brown hair flew all over her face, blocking her vision. When she got the strands away from her eyes, she saw a mound of black rock with a fire burning around it. Many people were throwing rocks and logs into the fire, making it crackle and raise higher into the sky. At the top of the rock pile were her parents.
"Taqir!" they called. "Help us! Where are you?" Something hissed, and they fell silent, huddling up beside one another.
They're not dead. They're alive. Trapped, but alive. Their daughter desperately called to them. "I am right here! Look down!" A chuckling fills the air behind her. A cold hand touches her shoulder. "So," the voice croaks. "You are the famous Taqir."

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Elizabeth Whipping around, Taqir saw a cloaked figure with knarled hands. Evil flame-like eyes glared at her from underneath the hood. The figure called over two of the workers. They came stiffly, and in flat voices, they said together, "Yes, Master Cece?"
"Throw this girl with her parents. She wished herself here, so she must have someone's help. Or, she is the one." nodding, the workers grabbed Taqir by the shoulders and tossed her over the flames. She landed on her face, knocking the breath from her.
Wek rushed to her daughter. "Oh, Taqir. Why did you make that wish? Why that one? Those hounds are from the Chasm of Shade, which will make images of what you fear most. They were there when your father had that accident. They can twist you so that Cece can capture you."
Taqir's red eyes were sparkling with fear. "What is this place? Why are you two here?" She was scared to the roots of her hair, wondering how one wish had brought her to this place of flame and rock.
"The Palace of Darkness. We have been trapped because of something that happened millions of years ago. Something involving a prophecy that will determine the fate of the world as we know it." That was her father, Rolek, talking. He was scarred and thin, eyes gaunt from lack of good food and clean water.

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Aviva (newtimelord) ((cool))

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Steven (tbones) | 7 comments Aviva wrote: "((cool))"

Very interesting. Lots of action. I like the names, I've never heard those before. Is this a series you are working on?

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Nope. Made it off the top of my head. Though I will finish it. And I read Seekers, by Erin Hunter, so that is kinda how the names formed.

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Steven (tbones) | 7 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Nope. Made it off the top of my head. Though I will finish it. And I read Seekers, by Erin Hunter, so that is kinda how the names formed."

well it would be cool to see what you come up with next and the names seem to work

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Elizabeth Thanks. I will finish it, just can't yet.

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Elizabeth Taqir was worried. "Fate of the world? What does that mean?" She had a horrible feeling it involved her, and the glance her parents shared made it worse.
"Taqir, did we ever tell you about your brother, Komek?" her father asked. Taqir shook her head, puzzled. "Well, years ago, he went looking for the Blood Flower, a flower that's bloom has the power to stop horrible destruction. If anyone found it, cut its roots while it was blossomed, then peace would settle. The person who did that was also the child of the prophecy. But, the hounds from the Darkness found the flower before him, and killed Komek. He was not the child. But it is believed that you are." Rolek looked meaningfully at Taqir.

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