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message 1: by ♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ (last edited Feb 27, 2010 11:46AM) (new)

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments see guys?! pplz actually play this game it wuznt such a hit in my group :/ and idt the grls vs. guyz thing is a good idea cuz theres only one guy in this group


♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments then who r we competing w/?? it would b kinda ptless if we were just going up... ill go down. 2

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments 2... this is so stupid. we need more pplz!!

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments u win. lets turn this into a chat room until other pplz wanna join.

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments thats only cuz u pplz wanna turn it into a chat room by not participating in games :/ btw.... u, ramsha nd sabrina need 2 go on gaia a whole lot more. LOL i ♥ ramshas thing its smilingtwiluvr lmaoo

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments still. u guyz gotta go on gaia. its fun!! except for the zOMG thing u need an actual person 2 teach u that cuz the computer sux. its not fun until u kno how 2 play.

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments ikr?! same here i wuz just like this is soooo stupid biiz nd then tanya taught me nd now its fun cuz i actually kno what 2 do. ill teach u l8r.

message 8: by Ramsha (new)

Ramsha (twisaga33luvyabffles) | 321 comments Mod
heyyy bffles;) hope every1s goin green;) EMG yea i signed up nd i spent d whole time doing d puzzle thaang nd buyin clothes. HEHEHEHZ how do i bcum bffles w/ u guyz?

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments u already r bffles w/ me :D on gaia also :D

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments seriously?? koolz whats ur username??

message 11: by Ramsha (new)

Ramsha (twisaga33luvyabffles) | 321 comments Mod
LOLZ dittoness:)

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments i kno urs its soo funninfullz i <3 it :D

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments u guyz should rly go on more often its fun once u know how 2 play zOMG.... the site would suck w/o zOMG

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments second level...? there r no levels on zOMG.

message 15: by Ramsha (new)

Ramsha (twisaga33luvyabffles) | 321 comments Mod
gaia gaia gaia

♥♥ Saumya ♥♥ | 462 comments dittonezz. sonna.

message 17: by Ramsha (new)

Ramsha (twisaga33luvyabffles) | 321 comments Mod

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