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message 1: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments Well let me start this off by saying- when you're best friend says yes to going out with the possible love of your life. Your life couldn't suck more.
I love him, he's my guy best friend. I was so stupid to even think that he would like me for a second.
But he did- and I lost my chance.

message 2: by Jayda (new)

Jayda I know EXACTLY how you feel!
I love this guy, and my friend (ex-best friend, honestly) wouldn't give him up for me after I gave him up for her. Now they're going to prom together.
I'm pissed at them both.

I know exactly how you feel :/

message 3: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments I hate him. Honestly, he's like such a jerk. But he's so sweet at the same time. And my BEST FRIEND, she's like my SISTER, I love her to death, she said yes. I mean- come ON. Doesn't it go against the "best friend rule"?!

message 4: by Jayda (new)

Jayda Yes, it does go against it!

She was one of my best friends (we'd known each other for ten years last year) but then she decided to choose him over our friendship.

Ugh. Guys and backstabbing girlfriends suck.

message 5: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments What happened to the whole "sisters before misters" and now my best friend decides to play the whole "woe is me" card and act like its all his fault or something. Because let's face it- its not all his fault, its mostly hers.
And she's all "don't be mad at me" and I'm like "dude, I love you but I REALLY want to slap you right now".

message 6: by Jayda (new)

Jayda I know how you feel.

I've found, though, that in these situations, the guy is the main one at fault. Yes, our friends are brats. But the guy asked them out. The guy didn't choose us. So, I try to be just as mad at him as I am at her.

I'm mostly pissed at my friend (who is also playing the woe is me card) because I gave him up for her because I realized it was screwing up our friendship. Yet, she won't do the same for me. They're both players! She dates multiple guys! He wanted date her and me both!

I hate guys and girls. Seriously >.<

message 7: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments I mean. He asked me out and I was stupid and said i couldn't go because I really couldn't. He took that as rejection and gave up on me. Then he moved on to my BEST FRIEND. His best friend is madly in love with my best friend and he just totally went out behind his back and asked her out.
It sucks a lot. Now I have no one to talk to because she swore me to secrecy and usually i would vent to her or him and i cant.
Teenage life SUCKS.

message 8: by Jayda (new)

Jayda Oh, seriously? Dang. You couldn't go because you were busy or something?

My guy asked me out first, too. AND KISSED ME. We pretty much made out on my second kiss. He was my first kiss. He told me he'd chosen me over her and kissed me twice and then changed his mind 5 days before her birthday. She wasn't allowed to date until she was sixteen (like me) and so five days before she turned sixteen he changed his mind and said he wanted to date us both.

I'm in the middle of a love OCTAGON. It's insane.

I like/love Levi, Levi like Kate (my friend), Kate likes Levi and Brian, Brian likes Kate, and Kate and my friend likes Brian.

She's hurting all of us.
I have no chance of getting asked to prom now because I'm home schooled and all of my other guyfriends have girlfriends. She didn't want to "hurt" Nessa, so she accepted Levi's date and hurt ME instead.

Jerks. I severely dislike them both.
I hate being a teenager, too.

message 9: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments That is so complex. Okay so mine is complicated too:
(But I'm changing names because my friends are on goodreads and they can see this so it will prob. end up in trouble for ME.)

I love Sam, Sam likes Becca (my best friend), Becca likes Leo, Leo likes Becca, Patrick likes Becca and Dean likes Becca and as well. Sam and Dean are best friends.
Patrick hates Sam and is best friends with Dean. Sam asked Becca out, Leo's like my brother and he's enraged, Dean is heartbroken and angry and Patrick is clueless.

message 10: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments It's like a freakin' episode of Degrassi or the Hills.

message 11: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments I wasn't busy but Me, Sam, and my oldest friend Jess were going out to the movies and he calls me and asks me out. I wasn't just gonna like ditch Jess so I said another time. He takes that as rejection.

message 12: by Jayda (new)

Jayda I changed the names of my friends, too haha.
Wow, complicated :/

Ugh, life sucks sometimes.

message 13: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments Life so does suck. Major.

message 14: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 590 comments Jayda got kissed? YAY! -does dance for her- That's so frickin' adorable. I'm jealous. Well, I have no love life now, my friend ruined it. But oh well. I hate being lonely... meh

message 15: by Jayda (new)

Jayda Hahaha :) Yes, Jayda got kissed! And made out with him, too! But now he's a butt :/ I have no love life, either because my friend ruined it, too! I hate being lonely as well, Marley :( We can be lonely together! :D

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 114 comments Yikes, the worst that I have to go through is being told that I should date a boy in my confirmation class that I only met a few weeks ago.

message 17: by ♥ Rachel♥ (last edited Feb 27, 2010 06:55PM) (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 970 comments Mod
I ruined my own love life *yay me!** *

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 114 comments Aww, that stinks. :P

message 19: by ♥ Rachel♥ (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 970 comments Mod
I actually prefer it that way :P (That sounds so heartless....)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 114 comments Ha ha, I can relate. This thread just makes me happier that I've had pretty much no boy-related drama in my life. I can wait 'til college for a boyfriend.

message 21: by ♥ Rachel♥ (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 970 comments Mod
I've had drama >.< And I guess I sort of want to date someone, but I'm really glad I'm not dating anyone I used to date.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 114 comments Well, at least you know what you want and don't want. :D

message 23: by ♥ Rachel♥ (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 970 comments Mod
Yepyep :)

message 24: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (Goodreadscomwheeze) | 22 comments I love how its All girls that reply to rant about their love lives... I know what you mean Rachel-about not wanting a bf right now...but it gets lonely hearing ur girlfriends talk about their boyfriends. Rachel what happened? With your situation I mean.

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