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message 1: by Megan Monroe (new)

Megan Monroe (thehottestchikinthisgame) | 11 comments Name: Alyssa Livingston
Gender: f
Age: 22
personality: hardcore, but fun, very hard to get on her good side.
other: detective

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Athena Bee
Gender: F
Age: 17
Personality: nice, sweet, fun to be around, forgiving
Other: likes to get to the point, loves being the first for everything, out going, loves reading and drawing

message 3: by NoOtherOneButU (new)

NoOtherOneButU | 324 comments Name: tyrisha scott
Gender: F
Age: 19
Looks: blonde hair green eyes
Personality: out going sexy
Other: an angel from heaven

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