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There will be only two Roleplay sections so there isn't so much jumping around. This section is for the everything but the house.

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Lizzy squinted as the bright sun beat down on her slender but tall frame. She smiled as her draft looking mare paced along the fence line. Her buddy George was just brought in for the afternoon. Lizzy quickly collected Tally and brought her into the dimmly lit barn.

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Kate met Lizzy in the barn and greeted her. "Morning!" she called down the isle. She brought a water bucket outside and dumped it.

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"Morning!" Lizzy called over her shoulder. She left Tally in her stall before going back outside to talk to Kate.

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Matt was in the crossties with Rakkas tacking her up. He planned to go on a hack.

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((oh, can matt be new here?))

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((I think!))

Lizzy grabbed 3 buckets and brought them outside. She knealt down next to Kate.
"Beautiful day?" Lizzy said.

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((yeah! Sure!))

"Yeah! I'm actaully getting a bit hot." Kate replied. She pulled off her sweatshirt and hung it on a post. "Hi Matt! How are you?" Kate askedas she went back into the barn.

((Can Kate have a crush on Matt?))

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Matt looked up and smiled, flashing a set of perfectly white teeth. "Great - and you?"

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"I'm fine." she replied, smiling. She started to take Destiny out of his stall and groomed him.

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Lizzy smiled to herself before standing up with the the buckets. She filled each one and put them in each of her horse's stalls. Now it was time to get Mogily. She grabbed a leadrope and headed towards his paddock. Mogily was hugging the fence to the adjacent paddock. The paddock housed his favorite mare. Lizzy examined the pretty black Arabian before whistling to Mogily. With a snort the stallion trotted to the gate. Lizzy rubbed his black muzzle before string the chain through his halter. Mogily arched his neck and nickered to Akkas.

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((when's Sarah comming in??))

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((Here she comes))

Sarah walked out of the house after doing some paperwork. "Morning guys! Glad to see you're all up!" she said, smiling at each of them.

Kate smiled back. "Morning!" she replied.

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"Morning" Matt nodded to Sarah.

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Lizzy led Mogily away. The stallion nickered one last time to Akkas before following Lizzy. He nudged her arm as they entered the barn. Her smile turned to a frown as she spotted Sarah. Lizzy kept walking, pulling Mogily with her. She clipped him on cross-ties in the far end of the barn. Lizzy grabbed his grooming kit from her trunk. She shot a look at Sarah before spinning around and walking back to Mogily.

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Matt raised his eyebrow and sighed.

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Lizzy eyed Matt before beginning to groom Mogily. The stallion pricked his ears forward and stuck out his toung, letting it hang. Lizzy giggled and tugged on it. Mogily snorted and bobbed his head. She rubbed his muzzle before finishing his grooming.

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Before he bridled Rakkas, Matt took a few steps away from the cross ties, "Would anyone like to join me on a hack?" he said looking around at all of the girls.

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"I will?" Lizzy answered as she set her brush down.

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"Great. Anyone else?" Matt locked his eyes on Sarah.

((Let's wait until the others are on))

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((Thanks!! I was skiing!))

Sarah looked at Kate. Kate nodded. "Sure. I'll come. When should we go?" she asked.

Sarah shook her head. "Sorry guys, I have a lesson coming soon, and some more paper work to do." she said.

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Lizzy sighed silently to herself.
"I'm sure Mogily would enjoy this more than a dressage lesson. Let me tack up." She said. Lizzy grabbed her tack and got Mogily ready. She snapped the chin snap for her helmet before turning Mogily around to face Matt.

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Matt swiftly bridled Rakkas and waited.

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Kate quickly tacked up Destiny and headed out to meet Matt. Destiny sidestepped as Kate tightened the girth and let the stirrups down. "Easy, boy." she whispered and immediately the stallion stood still.

Sarah went up to the house after collecting the feed buckets. She had a jumping lesson coming at 11:00 and it was 10:15 now, so she decided she would finish her paperwork.

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Lizzy followed behind Kate. Mogily shot a look at Destiny. Lizzy smiled to herself before quitly speaking to the stallion. Mogily bobbed his head when she was done. Then Lizzy mounted and pulled Mogily up next to Destiny.

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Destiny sidestepped as the other stallion came near. Kate gave him a pat. Destiny again, calmed at her touch and walked forward.

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Matt gracefully mounted Rakkas and urged her to stand beside

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Mogily nickered to Rakkas. He tossed his head, ready to go.

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Destiny started in a brisk walk, leading the way. Kate half halted him to keep him with the others.

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"Destiny is ready to go, no?" Matt said with a half amused tone.

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Mogily nickered to Rakkas again. Lizzy nodded and urged her black stallion forward. Hefollowed behind Destiny, waiting for Rakkas.

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Kate laughed. "I guess so!" she replied, letting the stallion trot.

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Matt picked up the trot too and followed.

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Mogily trotted forward. He arched his neck and picked up his feet high.

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"It really is lovely out, wow." Matt said, smiling at his surrounding.

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Kate nodded, smiling. Destiny picked up his pace a bit.

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As they headed up small hill, a feral cat sprinted in front of Rakkas, scaring her half out of her wits. She bolted, Matt hanging on frowning.

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Mogily danced sideways and snorted. Lizzy quietly spoke to him and tugged on the reins. Mogily calmed down and starred ahead after Rakkas. Lizzy looked around for Kate.

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Kate held Destiny back. Though he pranced, he was calm.

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"You okay?" Lizzy asked as she reined the wiggly Mogily back to a halt. He tugged on the reins and glanced worriedly after Rakkas.

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Matt calmed Rakkas down quickly and turned her back towards the group. "I'm fine ladies!" He called.

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Lizzy nodded and sighed with relief. Mogily nickered to Rakkas and stepped forward.

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Matt stared at Kate. He started to realize how beautiful she was.

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Kate looked over at Matt, relived he was okay. She asked Destiny for another trot, this time sitting it.

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Lizzy urged Mogily forward at a trot. With a sigh,the stallion trotted past Rakkas and after Destiny.

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Still at the trot, Matt and Rakkas easily jumped over a log that was blocking the trail.

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Kate followed, close behind Matt. Destiny hopped over the log easily. They cantered past Lizzy and Matt, Destiny whinnying.

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Matt smiled and cantered after her.

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Destiny tossed his mane and KAte cantered him over a small brush fence.

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Matt followed their trail.

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