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(( K i made 2))

Lissa walked out of the grocery store. She was really craving chochlate.

Jake Just got off of work

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Lissas friend toldd her to meet her at 6th street near the club. when lissa arriveed no one was there. "WOw"she thought

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(( Rana??))

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She looked in shock. She couldnt make out who it was . she squinted trying to see.

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"ugh hello. Did you see a girl here b4 i was supossed to meet her." Lissa said worried.

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"Oh well thank you." She smiled "I'm sorry i've never really been to a club." she said "I mean im old enough but i find girls who like clubs ...Slutty." She said. She sighed "Im sorry im babbling."

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"Oh im sorry i didnt mean to offend.." she trailed off. "Uh im sorry do u want me to leave now. And ...i think i've seen u before."

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"uh yea I dont know where though." Lissa said

Jake went to the club and was drinking at the table.

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(( Ok))

"Uh yea that be nice." she smiled walking in with him.

"no." He smiled. "Its free ."

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He took it Kissing it. "Im Jake." He grinned.

"that is so true. You have to be the only guy who i've ever heard say that." Lissa said

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He took it Kissing it. "Im Jake." He grinned.

"that is so true. You have to be the only guy who i've ever heard say that." Lissa said

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"Yea. " she smiled. "And thank you. ..For being good to me, Im glad to have met you."

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"Whats a private room? " She asked. "Im sorry im not fimilar with that term."

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"Yea." Lissa smiled "have you ever took somone back there?"

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"sorry Just curious on what kinda guy u are " she added.

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"thats good." she said. "I think i will come just to see you now" she smiled.

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"yes..I guess it is i really like u marcus." She said

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"So what do u wanna do?" She asked

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"Can i stay here?..Ugh for tonight because my parents and i are in an argument."

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"Oh no i dont want to do that to you.U sleep on the bed i'll sleep on the floor." She said "Its at least i can do ...i mean ur letting me sleep here."

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She hugged him. "Thank you very much ur such a gentlemen."

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Jada was making her way into a club when she saw her friend Sasha sitting at the bar. "Hey." she said casually. She noticed Sasha was drinking a martini.

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"thank you.." She said still smiling. "One more favor....'

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" I kinda dont have pjs and i normmally sleep in my bra n shorts so....I was wondering if thats alright.."

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"Im not worried about that more worried about invading ur privacy"shee said

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((u still on??))

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((its cool.))

Lissa was crushing on this guy she liked him. "Okay." SHe said taking of her shirt and pants. Jumping into his bed.

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((aww thats cute. Were u helping him? ?))

"You could lay with me.." she said. " I mean its not like anythings goin to happen."

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"Well okay but the floor is probably cold. and what being in a club have t do with it?" she questioned

((thats cool. My little sisters going to be taking a test so she can go to kidergarten next year and shes already practing.))

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"I promise we're not gonna have sex."She said . "im not like that I dont believe in one night stands either. Just lay with me." She said

(( Is it a twin king full or queesn?"_))

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She turned over and scooted away. "see theres noting wrong im all the way over here."

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** Next morning**

Lissa was still asleep

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((what is happening? LOL))

Lissa Was still fast asleep. She turned over and was facing Marcus now.

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Lissa woke up to the sound of the opened fridge.

"Where am i..."she moaned streching

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"no...I remember." She said.
"Good morning." She sat up

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"anythings fine."she said.

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"thank you "she smiled

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((gtg bb tommorow))

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