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Appearance: (no pictures)
Picture: (put pictures here)
Years Riding:
History: (Paragraph)

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Name: Kate
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Appearance: tall, slim, strong, dirty brown hair, dark blue eyes, freckles, straight teeth, stange birthmark in the shape of an english saddle.
Personality: fun, daring, friendly, outgoing, positive.
Years Riding: English for 5 years and Western for 3 years.
History: Kate has been riding since she was 9 and loves to jump, hack, and do gymkhanas with her horses.
Family: Mom - Jenna, Dad - Nick, Older Sister - Leanna (Leeahna)
Horses: Liddy (Thoroughbred mare), Freckles (Paint Gelding), and Destiny (Quarter Horse stallion)
Crush: Open
Other: loves to show for pleasure

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Name: Sarah Alexander
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Appearance: muscular, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
Personality: fun, brave, friendly, positive, willing, strong, a natural leader
Years riding: 15
History: has been riding since she was 6. Jumps, does dressage. Bought Ginger Snap stables two years ago.
Family: brother - Nick (Kate's dad), sister - Julia, nieces - Kate and Leanna
Horses - Lucky (Welsh pony), Buster (Quarter horse), and Ginger (Thoroughbred)
Other: owns and operates the farm.

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Name: Lizzy
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11'
Appearance: Extremely tall, slender build, brown eyes, curly coffe brown hair streaked with blond, narrow face.
Personality: strong, bold, very positive, stubborn, out-going, has a mean streak
Years Riding: 16 years
History: Born in england, grew up there until she was 6. Family owned a throughbred breeding farm before they moved to the United Sates. Started riding when she was 10
Family/Relatives: Elizabeth(Mom), Susie(Sister), Jen(Sister), Jillian and Abbey(nieces)
Horse(s): Mogily(Oldenburg), George (Hanoverian), Tally(Irish Warmblood)
Other: Her rival is Sarah, sometimes there is a strong tension at the barn between them.
(that okay?)

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Nice! Adds a nice twist to things!

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My plan exactly!

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Name: Matt Williams
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3

(blah blah blah its taylor lautner...)
Personality: Outgoing, nice, trustable
Years Riding: 12
History: Has been riding since he was 6. His family owns a lesson stable in Alabama but he decided to come to Ginger Snap to meet other equests...
Family/Relatives: Emily (mom), Jake(dad), Taylor(evil twin), Sierra(sister)
Horse(s): Rakkas(Arabian mare), Romeo(TB Gelding), and Messiah (TB Stallion)
Crush: He is leaning towards Kate
Other: none

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Cool! (Just so you know though - it's not an academy. They do have lots of barn sleepovers, but they don't have dorm or anything.)

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Oh stupid me! Haha okay :)

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Horselover Name: Jenna Smith
Height: 5'9
Appearance:Isn't the tallest person,slender,cute,white teeth,
Picture: (put pictures here)
Years Riding:15 years
History:Jenna lived with her family in England and was transfered here when her parents died. Jenna didn't have a place to go, so the stable here allows her to work off her rent so long as she dioes not disturb anything.Her 12 year old sisters now live with her Aunt and Uncle back in England.
Family/Relatives: Sisters-Melaina and Reyaina, Aunt-Jill, Uncle-Mike
Horse(s):Shailee(TB mare),Turk(Cleveland Bay Gelding), Clinton(Shire Stallion)
Other:Friends with Sarah

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Horselover Can Jenna be friends with Sarah?????
Can Jenna like Matt?????

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Horselover Thanks!!

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Horselover Can Jenna be friends with Sarah?????

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Yeah sure. If she doesn't mind crushing on a dude 2 years younger.

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Yes and Sure. Just note that Kate has a crush on him too...

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oh I know that *laughs evil laugh*

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Hey guys, I'm sorry, but I might leave this group. The roleplay has kind of been going no where.

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Sorry - I haven't been on in forever. Please stay on.

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Horselover Starry Eyed wrote: "@Horselover

Yeah sure. If she doesn't mind crushing on a dude 2 years younger."

I dont mind

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