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Melenie walked to the retail shop, her hair in a ponytail with the curls cascading partially down her back.

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Melenie went to the shop to find that the owner had closed it for the day, so she walked over to the bike shop.

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Melenie thought the boy was cute

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((Sorry guys, but in small towns, nobody can afford a Range Rover. We're not rich out here in the boonies. :P ))

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((Ok. Are you really rich in real life? Cause all of your charries are.))

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Melenie leaned against a counter at Rana's party. She had danced with a couple of guys, but none of them were cute.

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((oh, sorry!! I didn't read all the posts! And mwah ha ha, DRAMA!!))

Melenie had been abandoned by her ride, they were all drunk and had forgotten her. She wandered into a room where there were 2 people.
"Um, can I please join you? My friends got drunk and left me here," she asked quietly.

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Melenie knew this was Rana's party, so she just kind of stood there before she got a response.
"Hey, you're the guy at the bike shop, right?" she asked Chase.

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"Yeah," Melenie said, smiling back. "My brother's looking for a bike and he made me go get it, since he's way too lazy."

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"Including you?" Melenie said with an amused look.

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"You just called all guys lazy," Melenie pointed out.

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"Ah," Melenie said. "Well I can see y'all are having a romantic moment, so I'll just go." She turned around.

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"No, it's fine," Mel replied.

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"Yeah, I can call a cab," Mel said.

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Melenie waved back and walked down to the living room.

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Melenie walked home, but wasn't tired so she went to the park.

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Jake was siting on a bench in the park thinking.His best friend just died

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Melenie walked through the park staring at the ground.

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Jake just sat there. " It was ur fault Annie died because of cancer there wasnt anything you could have done." He mumbled.

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Melenie looked up to see a guy sitting on a bench, looking lonely. She walked over to him.

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He looked up . And said "Hey." He scoot over . "Sorry im kinda taking up the whole bench."

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"It's fine," Melenie said, sitting down. "Not to sound nosy, but is something wrong?"

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" uh no theres nothing wrong." he lied "Hello im Jake and you are??"

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"I'm Melenie," she said, holding out her hand to shake his.

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He shook it "Its nice to meet you.....Melanie."

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"Nice to meet you too," Melenie said with a small smile.

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"ugh ...would like to get some coffee " He asked taking a risk.

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"Sure," Mel said, still smiling.

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He stood up . "thank you for joining me."

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"Thanks for inviting me," Mel said, standing up also.

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He began walking. "so....What do u want to talk about."

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Mel shrugged.
"Um, how old are you?" she asked.

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" old are you?"

(( Isnt that it lol i forget.."))

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"21," Melenie replied.

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"Oh well thats goo i dont want to hang with a child."

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"I'm pretty mature," Mel said with a smile.

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Rana ♥ (ranaluvskorbenlondon) | 5 comments ((Andrea??? did you delete me ??? please help me find out who did !!! ))

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Rana ♥ (ranaluvskorbenlondon) | 5 comments ((omg wow !! idk what happened to my whole old account!))

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