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I have read "Gone with the Wind" a few times over and I never read it without finding something else that touches me or something new that I glean from the book. I would love to find some Gone with the Wind read alikes. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks.

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
I read a review of the novel Roses that kept comparing it to GWTW. I haven't read it, but I know that it takes place on a plantation, deals with the Civil War and the Confederacy, has a romance plot, etc. They said the main character has a deep connection to her land, like Scarlett does to Tara. I guess it's a good read-alike.

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 5 comments Hi Im Sandi..I have read & re-read GWTW SO many times & have enjoyed it each time! and the movie of course.I read Rosesand found it to be more like a Barbara taylor Bradford's Woman of Substance..but it was really good.I just picked up byLuanshya GreerReap the Whirlwindand its sequelShadows in the Wind I havent started them yet..but it claims to be in the same tradtion of GWTW. anyone read these?

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 5 comments Has anyone read Scarlett by Alexandra Ripleyand what did you think?

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
I tried to read Scarlett, but I found the narration very irritating. Most of the narration is Scarlett having an internal monologue about something to remind us that we are reading a sequel. In fact, in every event in the novel, Ripley has Scarlett reflect on how it reminds her of something that happened in GWTW. For instance, it opens with Melanie's funeral, and Scarlett keeps thinking about all the major events from GWTW. Or, in another scene, Scarlett needs money so she reminisces about how she was always able to get money before.

The most irritating thing about Scarlett is almost every other line Scarlett thinks to herself, "I'll just think about it tomorrow", "Tomorrow is another day." It's not like GWTW where she thinks that sometimes. It's on almost every page! This stuff annoyed me so much that I couldn't finish it. Some people like it, though, so (to quote Reading Rainbow) you don't have to take my word for it! :)

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 5 comments Thats what happens when another author tries to finish someone else's book I suppose..just not the same..theyve tried it with Austen & du maurier..and others ...

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
You are so right. I avoided Mrs. Dewinter like the plague.

I've heard mixed comments about Rhett Butler's People. One reviewer here on Goodreads said he changed a lot of things from Gone with the Wind. The story from (another author's idea of) Rhett's perspective is interesting, though.

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
Out of curiosity, has anyone read The Wind Done Gone: A Novel, Alice Randall's parody of GWTW? The reviews of it here on Goodreads are extreme: most give it either 5 stars or 1 star.

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
Pat Conroy was first approached to do the Rhett Butler sequel, but eventually turned it down. I love his explanation:

"The genius of the (original) novel is they [Rhett and Scarlett:] were the mother and father of what Atlanta was going to become," Conroy said. "Would I have written a better novel than Margaret Mitchell? Hell no."


The Geeky Bibliophile (tgbreviews) I didn't care for all the events that took place in Scarlett, but in my opinion, it's ten times better than that despicable novel Rhett Butler's People! I've only ever read that... thing... once, and I'll never, ever put myself through it again. I'm still angry about how McCaig changed the essence of all the beloved characters from GWTW. It was absolutely atrocious in every way. I beg all of you not to read it, if you haven't already. Awful, awful book! And what he did to Tara at the end... ugh! Shameful!

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Laura | 110 comments Mod
Betty wrote: "I didn't care for all the events that took place in Scarlett, but in my opinion, it's ten times better than that despicable novel Rhett Butler's People! I've only ever read that... thing... once, ..."

Oh, I agree! The ending made me want to burn that damn thing. Scarlett is a silly book, but it is a fun beach read, I guess. And at least Alexandra Ripley tries to maintain some of the original characters and doesn't really change the original story (the operative word is tries). Have you ever seen the Scarlett miniseries? I found a bootlegged Korean copy at a used record/DVD store. It's really more of a Lifetime movie, but I (ashamedly) enjoyed it. It was fun to watch Rhett and Scarlett again, even if the actors could never possibly measure up to Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

The Geeky Bibliophile (tgbreviews) So I see we are of like mind when it comes to Rhett Butler's People. LOL! One thing that really bothered me with Scarlett was how obsessed Rhett was about those stupid camellias. I mean honestly... Rhett Butler, gardener of flowers? It just seemed so ridiculous to me. One thing the book had in it's favor (for me), was that it included characters from Ripley's Charleston novels. I had read and really enjoyed both those books, so it was fun for me to find them again in Scarlett. But as sequels go, I agree it could have been much better, but as you said, at least she tried to maintain the integrity of the characters. Mostly. ;)

Yes, I've seen the mini-series. I've got it on VHS somewhere, and would buy the DVD if I ever found it. I do enjoy watching it, but I like to nitpick that, too. Haha. (Like for instance... Scarlett's eyes are NOT brown. I always wondered why they never had Joanne Whalley-Kilmer wear green contacts... maybe she was unable to do so.) I always thought that Delta Burke would have made a lovely Scarlett... her facial features remind me a lot of Vivien Leigh's. IIRC though, that was around the time her weight went up, so I doubt she was even considered for the role. Shame. I think she would have been good in it.

Funny how the miniseries doesn't follow along with the novel, though. Seems like there was a murder trial for Scarlett, for having killed the Yankee deserter, only that never happened in the book.

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Risha | 6 comments Okay, so I don't know if this would qualify as a read alike but The Thorn Birds has been compared to GWTW. It's set in Australia and the relationship between the leads there can be called a little similar to Rhett and Scarlett's. It is a farm/plantation setting too. I have personally read it and found it beautifully written.


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Linda | 19 comments Thorn Birds came to mind too when I read this question. I've only read it once and it was when I was a kid so I should go back and re-read now and enjoy as an adult! :)

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