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name: Ginger
age: 20
grade: it's her 3th year at college (she skipped 4th grade)
gender: f
looks: long and wavy orange/red hair, deep brown eyes, fair skin with some freckles across her nose
personality: outgoing and friendly, athletic
family: family back in England
other: moved to the US from Britain to go to college, really good at soccer and roller skating

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 102 comments Mod
name: Bianca
age: 20
grade: 2nd year
gender: female
personality: clumsy, funny, opinionated
family: dad is a lawyer, mom doesnt work, sister has a husband and two kids
crush: open
other: dad wants her to go into law but she wants to be a writer

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Dan  | 110 comments Mod
name: Trevor
age: 20
grade: sophmore
gender: M
looks: Long black hair and muscular
personality: Girls like him. Smart. Nice. Optimistic. Unlike some weirdos all the girls like he only has one girlfriend at a time.
family: Parents are divorced and he is an only child
crush: Open
other: Major is in business minor is in graphic design.

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