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Emily walked to the captains meeting at the summer camp she was working at. Her cabin, #305, was going to pass all inspections this year. No lazy ones aloud!

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Stella got off the bus that she had to take to camp. Her parents were at home with her little brother, Jeremy, who was in the hospital for chemo. She walked into her cabin that was already set up and threw her stuff on a bunk bed.

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Emily was in cabin #305, taking roll of her own campers.

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Stella was packing, her face in her duffel, when her name was called.
"Alive!" she called.

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Stella walked over to where everyone else was as the game was explained.

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Stella pulled her hair up into a ponytail so that her aqua bangs were hanging down. She wore a tank top that matched her hair and jean shorts.

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Jeremy was dropped off by his parents. After they gave the office all of his medical needs, he walked to his cabin.

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As Emily walked her cabin to the Mess Hall for supper, she realized she hadn't unpacked yet. She would have to spend all her cabin time doing so. Well, at least the girls could have a chance to talk.

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Jeremy was setting up his bed when he heard a noise. He turned around to see Jessie.

Stella picked at her disgusting camp food, eating only a little.

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Emily stared at her mystery meat. "Ahhh, the joys of camp." she sighed. "Looks like it hasn't changed a bit."

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"Yeah, I have somewhere to go first," Jeremy said and left for the nurse's office without another word. He took his medicine, then went to dinner.

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Emily walked out to sit on the steps of the Mess Hall, waiting for her 12 campers to finish eating.

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Stella ate the food then gulped down water to get the taste out.

Jeremy ate only approved foods and ate quickly.

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"Hey Stell," Jeremy said, sitting next to Stella.
"Hey Jeremy," Stella replied, giving her brother a hug.

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Emily noticed a boy sit down by her. "Hey." she said.

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"Lyndsey." I said, holding out my hand for him to shake.

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((Oops. SArry. This si what I do when I do two roleplays at once. Just edit it to Emily.))

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I smiled. "Nice to meet you Jessie. How's camp treating you?"

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"So how old are you?" I asked. He must have been close to my age, because their cabin didn't require a counselor.

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