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name: Stella
age: 17
gender: f
looks: long and straight pitch black hair with aqua side bangs, grass-green eyes, fair skin
personality: sarcastic and shy, often serious when you don't know her but very outgoing once you know her. Smart and that's why she's often shy and serious, because people are pretty stupid sometimes.
family: parents and adopted brother (Jeremy) who has cancer
other: amazing when it comes to theater and tech. theater, very outdoorsy when she wants to be

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name: Emily
age: 17
Looks: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, small, tiny features.
Personality: Smart, fiery, short-tempered, friendly, sassy, don't put up with any crap!
Family: Nobody famous. Her dad's a respiratory therapist, mom's an accountant, and has an older sister in college.
Other: Very artsy, loves performing and being in the spotlight.

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The pic is forbidden...

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I'm gonna make a guy too....

name: Jeremy
age: 17
gender: m
looks: messy and curly dirty blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, cute smile
personality: fun and kiddish
family: Stella is his sister
other: has cancer and he's adopted

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