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Tyson walked doen the street to work.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) Chance yawned, stretching out as he walked out from the alley-way in which he had been sitting, walking near the walls of the old, worn-out buildings. The ghetto? Some may call it that, but to Chance- this place was his home. Emitting yet another bored huff of exhausted, he made his way into the more 'better' town area. His head moved up as he saw a limo drive by, he waved slightly and sat down on a nearby bench.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) Chance stretched out his arms as he kicked over a rock, standing up as he walked to the rich side, putting both hands in his jacket pockets. He was a pretty hot dude, alot of girls did drool over him, but he rejected them all. Sighing, he picked up the rock and chucked it over the wall. Pretty soon he looked up to the sky, it was dyed a china blue colour and clouds drifted in it.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) "I'm so bored.." He murmered as he fixed his position slightly as he started walking again, putting himself on another bench, right in front of the photoshoot place- he really didn't care what was happening around him, as long as it didn't involve rocks being thrown at him- or anything else, really.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) Chance pet Detroit, who's head was laying on his lap. Detroit yawned and rolled over, Chance just laying back against the bench. Out of nowhere Detroit started barking.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) Detroit kept barking until Chance got annoyed, telling the dog to stop.

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Raivis Galante (latvia) Chance let his dog off the leash, who ran straight over to the grass-field about a half mile away, he really didn't care where his dog was, as long as he came back.

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