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Rae (tallixox) | 11 comments Mod
(Train here)

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Rae (tallixox) | 11 comments Mod
Rae stood infront of a wooden dummy and pulled out her swords. She twirled them once then did a sword like dance swinger her swords at the dummy making long cuts along its torso and neck.

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Kira streatched on the floor, watching everyone carefully without being obvious.

Sander was standing infront the shooting arena and played with the arrow in his hand before knocking it.

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Rae (tallixox) | 11 comments Mod
Rae looked over at both Sander and Kira before putting her swords away and walking past them with a swift easy grace. And disapearing into the hallway away from the area.

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Kira stood up and went to the knot tying section, happy to have a refresher in all the knots.

Sander watched the target, pulled back with force and let go. The arrow flew into the middle of the target. Lucky shot.

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